WordPress Webmaster Host & Manage Service! WordPress Webmaster Host Services For Business

Modern website software must be updated & managed! Our host & manage service is for business owners that require hosting & updates management from responsive people familiar with their business. We make WordPress (core, theme & application) hosting & updates management a priority and we work to protect client assets. Our expert WordPress Webmaster Host & Manage Service include:


I. Standard Customer Service, Accountable & Human!

  • No contractual traps
  • Responsive support: phone and email
  • Management of digital assets 
  • The intention is to support busy people!

II. Standard WordPress Use & Marketing Support

  • Experienced Professional Marketing Consultation & Support
  • Regular Email & Video Education
  • Instruction On Website Features
  • Search Engine & Social Network Guidance

III. Standard WordPress Host 

  • WordPress Installation 
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) Mapping Setup 
  • Managed VPS Hosting, Configured Solely For WordPress Management
  • Page Load Best Practices
  • Monthly Backup, Entire Theme File & Content Database

IV. Standard WordPress Management 

  • Basic Front Level WordPress Security
  • Website Admin Monitoring
  • Major Release Planning For Seamless Upgrades
  • WordPress Upgrade Release & Security Patch Management
  • WordPress Theme & Application Upgrade Release & Security Patch Management
  • Admin Status setup, meaning you own & control your website

V. We handle it all for $69 Per Month!

Limited or Outside The Scope Of These Services:
Webmaster Host And Manage Services by Kinetic Knowledge

  • Cancellation: you can cancel monthly services with us anytime so long as it is understood cancellation is effective the last day of the month we are notified
  • Education: one (1) hour extensive on board education for website owners & their employees included, plus we provide ongoing educational resources (newsletter email, direct email and video support) and we always support general questions responsively. 
  • Design/Development: new design, development, 3rd party application research & setup or content creation work must be executed as specific projects and are outside the scope of this service. 
  • 3rd Party Applications: we advocate you have us vet all apps, but in the event 3rd party applications (= other software) are added to the website – performance is a responsibility of that provider 
  • E- Commerce websites requires a different support plan – see ‘E-Commerce Management Plan
  • Admin status: places responsibility for protecting & encrypting passwords and local device management in the owner’s hands 
  • Advanced Security & Malware Cleaning: we offer the top security option for WordPress as a better option than what is included standard (see: ‘Advanced Security’ )