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Kinetic Knowledge offers small to medium-sized businesses posting & content management services. Our posting and content management support services are for the business that understands the immediate & long-term benefits of an active month-over-month content posts campaign.


Keeping various social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram) and/or listings (Google My Business) active with posting & content management is

  1. good business practice,
  2. appealing to those who may wish to buy,
  3. can support competitive search engine optimization and
  4. social posting design, if necessary (view a portfolio sample here).

Service may include:

I. Accounts Setup:
a) set up an account or, if already live, establish ownership
b) go through any necessary verification processes
c) make all name > address > phone > hours > categorization choice > description information consistent with others and fully optimal

II. Accounts Management:
a) research & plan a posts calendar (no. of & subjects for), with flexibility for ‘spur of the moment’ or holiday need
b) consider consistent messaging across active accounts, while carefully leveraging the unique elements (i.e Instagram hashtags) each offers
c) purchase stock imagery, when necessary
d) design messaging into and/or in support of imagery using a review, events, facts, promos, etc.
e) when the campaign has a particular geographic radius of operation, incorporate references for it

Fundamental Posting & Content Management Plan Cost  – $T.B.D.

* plan customization options T.B.D.