While the online space allows Local SEO Services | Kinetic Knowledge NJmodern business marketers to chase clients all over the globe, the average consumer prefers to shop locally. And while carefully placed keywords support a company’s organic search results & traffic, with local Search Engine Optimization we’re talking about being visible in a locally specific geographic area. 

Local SEO Benefits Include:

    • It is a less costly, yet quite possibly more effective, alternative to traditional forms of local advertising.
    • It can include positioning in the ‘Local Map Pack’ area of a Google search results page.
    • It can define local brand identity for the most important target keywords.  
    • It can attract the most qualified, locally motivated traffic. 
    • It should bring much better lead conversion potential!

Local SEO Requirements Include:

  • Content Driven Authority > It all starts here, content is ground zero! 
    • Pages must follow strict guidelines for on-pages optimization and they should be subject specific. 
    • Locally specific content matters, for instance content relevant for services in a town or a county.
    • Blogging can add timely coverage for a broad list of potential topics, not to mention more links structure. 
    • And folks, Google says mobile friendly website content is a local necessity!

  • Keywords > Research then use the keywords local consumers actually search!
    • Use keyword targets in page copy, meta tags, header & alternative content tags.
    • When necessary, use local city, county and state keywords to emphasize the local area covered.
    •  Track & analyze targeted keywords rank day to day in order to gauge success or failure of the tactics used.
  • Google My Business Tools > you’ve got to have them and they must be verified!
    • Google is a necessity so their tools must be set up correctly.
    • Google is doing its best to identify business locations, what they do and where – so it must be verified!
    • Sitemap and new page submissions should be made regularly. 
    • See Google My Business Setup!

  • Search & Directory Listings > Broad Citation Accuracy! 
    • Name, Address, Phone, Website & Hours Of Operation must be completely consistent listing to listing.
    • Google is capable of delivering incredible detail in local search results, so accept accuracy as necessary.
    • Both keywords- referenced and back- links from legitimate listing sites matters! 
    • See Search & Directory Listings SEO Plan

  • Reviews > Reviews matter a great deal!
    • Reviews can, in some circumstances, be more beneficial than all of the above.
    • Both keywords used in and overall review counts matter.
    • Have a strategy for getting those who appreciate you to give good reviews!
    • Humans both look for and react to reviews!

And those are just some of the more fundamental signals necessary to begin to give Google the competitive signals it seeks. Depending on competition Geographic- targeting, Blogging, Social Media, Link- build and/or local PR efforts may be worth pursuing.  To learn more about what Local SEO can do for your business, we’d love to answer your questions today!