While the online space allows Local Search Optimization | Kinetic Knowledge NJmodern business marketers to chase clients all over the globe, the average consumer prefers to shop locally. And while carefully placed keywords support a company’s organic search results & traffic, with Local Search Engine Optimization we’re talking about being visible in a locally specific geographic area. 


Local SEO Benefits Include:


    • It is less costly, yet quite possibly a more effective option versus other forms of advertising.
    • It can include positioning in the ‘Local Map Pack‘ area of a Google search results page.
    • It creates a brand identity for the most important locally targeted keywords.  
    • It will attract the most qualified, locally motivated traffic. 
    • It brings much better lead conversion potential!

Fundamental Local SEO Includes:


    • Content Driven Authority > It all starts here, ground zero for any competitive presence 
    • Keywords > use of the keywords local consumers actually search
    • Google My Business Tools > you’ve got to have them and they must be verified
    • Search & Directory Listings > broad accurate citations
    • Reviews > it is necessary to recruit good coverage.
    • And more … 

And those are just some of the more fundamental SEO signals necessary to begin to give Google the competitive signals it seeks. Depending on competition Geographic- targeting, Blogging, Social Media, Link- build and/or local PR efforts may be worth pursuing. To learn more about what Local SEO can do for your business, we’d love to answer your questions today!