We offer core SEO Plans, add- on or unbundled options (detailed below) and we will customize because no one SEO program fits all! The reality online is that search results are rarely the same for any 2 people at any given time, so the goal must be maximized visibility among qualified consumers and leads! And there are no traps, our program is month to month – retention must be earned! 

I. Fundamental SEO Plan

Our Fundamental SEO Plan builds the necessary signals and pathways (on and off website). The program includes detailed monthly analysis, a dive into the important data & performance needed to demonstrate a ‘return on investment’. While more content add- ons signals may be a necessary consideration, roll out can be based upon fundamentals so there is no unnecessary cost.

Keyword Research for Target Subjects

  • define obvious target keywords, including geography
  • research other keywords for search activity, build target list
  • monitor rank-tracking per keyword

Search Optimized Website Pages

  • apply keywords to copy, URLs, headers, metas
  • add/ update alternative content
  • build relevant/ safe links structure
  • make timely google submissions
  • rid broken links, duplication and poorly laid pages
  • continuous updating
  • apply optimization- grading software

Google My Business Tools Setup, Verification, and Optimization

  • setup map & search listings, optimize, verify
  • set up search console and analytics
  • align all NAP information to be consistent with website
  • continuous analysis

Search & Directory Listings

  • claim, optimize and verify top listing sites ( approx. 70 currently, depending on coverage per directory)
  • align with website via accurate NAP information, categorization, descriptions, keywords and backlinks
  • leverage all enhanced information opportunities possible ( many accept enhanced info )
  • * multi-location business adds cost per additional location

Positive Client Reviews Plan In Place

  • set plan for review requests – guidance & instruction
  • plan for sending follow up requests
  • setup review alerts
  • set plan for dealing with any negative reviews

Measure! – You Cannot Grow What You Do Not Measure!

  • setup target keywords rank-tracking software  ( 10 )
  • setup website traffic and search analytics tracking software
  • setup off-website citations traffic and search analytics tracking software
  • monitor, measure and report on various data points
  • continue work for any underperforming pages and keywords
  • Fundamentals SEO Plan works on *a particular business discipline in **a particular target area

$450 Per Month

II. Advanced SEO Plan

Entire Fundamental SEO Plan Included Plus:

Geo- Target content build

  • target counties, structured page build
  • target towns, structured page build
  • pages per month T.B.D. 


  • fully researched, copy written and search optimized post per month
  • build greater keyword references, including long tail subject target
  • builds greater link structure
  • posts per month T.B.D.

Social Media Management

  • accounts management T.B.D.
  • posts per account, per month T.B.D.

** Advanced SEO Plan works on *a particular business discipline in *a particular target area



I. Geographic- Target | Broadened Geographic Visibility Work

The meticulous development of  Geo- pages proven to raise visibility & authority for products and/or services locally – county to county and town by town. Business owners often target work in or from towns and counties other than where they are based. People search locally and Geo- pages place the business in contention for these specific towns and counties, where previously there was no correlation.

Cost T.B.D.

II. Blogging

  • identify target subjects, related target keywords
  • research subjects, possibly set research alerts
  • copy write and format posts
  • search optimize posts ( on post )
  • use to link into core pages and to broaden visibility for target keywords
  • publish
  • leverage in social media plans


III. Creative Social Media Plan

  • X posts per month, up to Y network accounts
  • articles, photos, announcements provided by client
  • articles, studies and other relevant information researched & posted by us
  • interact with customer comments, client involved when necessary
  • ongoing social account optimization, tend to updates and new additions

Cost T.B.D.

V. Social Media Account Creation, Verification & Account Optimization

  • when purchased with any of the above plans

$250 each

VI. Alternative Content – Video, YouTube Channel & Photography

  • Alternative content has a definitive effect with search engines and humans

Cost T.B.D.