At Kinetic Knowledge, we increase business visibility, traffic, and qualified lead generation with hands-on Search Engine Optimization Plans for small to medium-sized businesses. We offer affordable options and we will customize them because no one SEO program fits all! The reality is that search results are rarely the same for all people at any given time, so the goal must be to maximize visibility with genuine new business leads! And there are no traps, our plans are month to month – retention must be earned! 

I. Fundamental SEO Plan

Our Fundamental SEO Plan builds the necessary signals  (on and off-website) to have a competitively visible presence. It emphasizes content & data analysis, and detail for the important performance signals needed to pursue an ever-improving ‘return on investment’. While competition differs for every type of business and more signals may become a necessary consideration, this plan is ‘Fundamental’ and has no unnecessary cost. It also tends to local ‘near me & voice-driven search.

Keyword Research for Target Subjects

  • define obvious keywords targets
  • research long-tail keywords for activity
  • set up the leading software for keyword targets daily rank-tracking

Search Optimized Website Pages

  • apply keywords to website pages
  • fix poorly laid format or coded pages
  • add/update alternative content
  • build relevant in-website links structure
  • rid all broken links, duplication
  • images, CSS code, and javascript compression
  • continuously update pages based upon keyword rank analysis
  • apply & monitor page-optimization grading software
  • make regular & timely Google submissions

Google Business Profile & Bing (MSFT) Places Verification and Optimization

  • establish Google map & search listings, verify & optimize
  • establish Bing map & search listings, verify & optimize
  • set up Google search console and analytics
  • set up Bing Webmasters
  • code in fundamental structured data
  • get listings NAP information consistent with the website
  • continuous analysis of Google | Bing tracking, adjustment

Links Build

  • build strategic in-website links structure
  • build strategic (safe, only) off-website citation or directory-based links structure
  • affiliate links with target keywords, where possible

Search & Directory Listings

  • claim, optimize, and verify top listing sites (covers specific listings)
  • get listings NAP information consistent with the website
  • establish optimized descriptions, target keywords & back-links allowed
  • leverage opportunities for enhanced information, where allowed
  • * multi-location business adds cost, per additional location

Positive Client Reviews Plan Of Execution In Place

  • suggest planning for review requests – guidance & instruction
  • setup review alerts
  • set a plan for dealing with any negative reviews

Measure! – You Cannot Grow What You Do Not Measure!

  • setup target keywords rank-tracking software (up to 20)
  • setup website traffic and search analytics tracking
  • setup off-website citations traffic and search analytics tracking
  • monitor, measure, and report on various data points
  • leverage analysis to continually focus effort on any underperforming keyword targets
  • Fundamentals SEO Plan works on *a particular business discipline in **a particular target area

$450 Per Month

II. Custom | Enhanced Fundamental SEO Plan PLUS Options

Because it is smarter to build & analyze than to have wasted dollars unnecessarily, we offer add-on signal options. There is no one SEO plan that fits all, the competition is different for every business in every place. Analysis may show competition is such that add-on signals to a Fundamental Plan are a necessary consideration.

A) Social Media Post Campaigns

  • Google Listing Postings (strategic entity knowledge, keywords, backlinks)
  • Facebook | Instagram Postings (strategic keywords, backlinks or hashtags depending)
  • Other Social Account Postings
  • Graphic design creative- may be included

B) Blogging & Pages Creation

  • Strategically researched new website content creation
  • Blogging, research topics & publishing posts
  • Geo-target County Pages Content Creation, establish authoritative county recognition
  • Geo-target Multi- town Content Creation, establish authoritative towns recognition

C) Social Media Account Creation 

  • Social Media Account Creation, Verification & Account Optimization
  • $T.B.D.

Cost T.B.D.