We offer a fundamental SEO plan, various add-on options (detailed below) and we will customize because no one SEO program fits all! The reality is that search results are rarely the same for all people at any given time, so the goal must be to maximize visibility among qualified consumers and the generation of leads! And there are no traps, our program is month to month – retention must be earned! 

I. Fundamental SEO Plan

Our Fundamental SEO Plan builds the necessary signals and pathways (on and off website). The program includes detailed monthly analysis, a dive into the important data & performance needed to demonstrate a ‘return on investment’. While competition is different for every type of business and more content add- on signals may be a necessary consideration, roll out can be based upon the fundamentals so there is no unnecessary cost.

Keyword Research for Target Subjects

  • define obvious target keywords, including geography
  • research long tail keywords for search activity, build target list
  • set up rank-tracking, per keyword targeted

Search Optimized Website Pages

  • apply keywords to copy, URLs, headers and page code
  • add/ update alternative content
  • build relevant/ safe links structure
  • make timely google submissions
  • rid all broken links, duplication and poorly laid out pages
  • continually update pages based upon tracking analysis
  • apply & monitor page optimization- grading software

Google My Business Tools Setup, Verification, and Optimization

  • setup map & search listings, optimize and verify
  • set up search console and analytics
  • align all NAP information to be consistent with website
  • continuous analysis

Search & Directory Listings

  • claim, optimize and verify top listing sites ( approx. 70 currently, depending on coverage per directory)
  • align with website via accurate NAP information, categorization, descriptions, keywords and back-links
  • leverage opportunities for enhanced information everywhere possible
  • * multi-location business adds cost per additional location

Positive Client Reviews Plan Of Execution In Place

  • set plan for review requests – guidance & instruction
  • plan for sending follow up requests
  • setup review alerts
  • set plan for dealing with any negative reviews

Measure! – You Cannot Grow What You Do Not Measure!

  • setup target keywords rank-tracking software  ( 10 )
  • setup website traffic and search analytics tracking software
  • setup off-website citations traffic and search analytics tracking software
  • monitor, measure and report on various data points
  • continue work for any underperforming pages and keywords
  • Fundamentals SEO Plan works on *a particular business discipline in **a particular target area

$450 Per Month

II. Advanced SEO & Social Media Plan

I. Entire Fundamental SEO Plan Included > See Above > Plus:

II. Social Media Management

  • accounts management T.B.D.
  • posts per account, per month T.B.D.
  • hashtags
  • groups acceptance and management

III. Geo- Target content build

  • target counties, structured page build
  • target towns, structured page build
  • pages per month T.B.D. 

IV. Blogging

  • fully researched, copy written and search optimized post per month
  • build greater keyword references, including long tail subject target
  • builds greater link structure
  • posts per month T.B.D. 

V. Structured Data for Rich Snippets

VI. Compression (graphics, images, CSS and Javascript)

** Advanced SEO Plan works on *a particular business discipline in *a particular target area

Cost T.B.D.


I. Geographic- Target | Broadened Geographic Visibility Work

The meticulous development of  Geo- pages proven to raise visibility & authority for products and/or services locally – county to county and town by town. Business owners often target work in or from towns and counties other than where they are based. People search locally and Geo- pages place the business in contention for these specific towns and counties, where previously there was no correlation.

Cost T.B.D.

II. Blogging

  • identify target subjects, related target keywords
  • research subjects, possibly set research alerts
  • copy write and format posts
  • search optimize posts ( on post )
  • use to link into core pages and to broaden visibility for target keywords
  • publish
  • leverage in social media plans


III. Creative Social Media Plan

  • X posts per month, up to Y network accounts
  • articles, photos, announcements provided by client
  • articles, studies and other relevant information researched & posted by us
  • interact with customer comments, client involved when necessary
  • ongoing social account optimization, tend to updates and new additions

Cost T.B.D.

V. Social Media Account Creation, Verification & Account Optimization

  • when purchased with any of the above plans

$250 each

VI. Alternative Content – Video, YouTube Channel & Photography

  • Alternative content has a definitive effect with search engines and humans

Cost T.B.D.