Search & Directory Listings


Our “Search & Directory Listings Management Plan” offers broad accurate off-website visibility for a business owner’s web presence! In fact, search engines use various listings as a highly weighted signal that a business is in fact relevant for hyperlocal search results; listings also serve as a necessary “information- consistency cross-reference” with a business website.

Location, Contact Information, Website, and Hours of Operation consistency PLUS the enhanced information allowed including keyword targets & back-links (to the primary website) from these trusted sources of information offer an incredible SEO opportunity. Especially when a business owner is fighting for locally competitive visibility in daily searches! In the end, it doesn’t really matter if people find a business through listing websites like Yelp, Yahoo, Bing, or Google – what matters is they find your business!

Search & Directory Plan Includes 

We make it simple & cost-effective, including:

  • Direct access & support for leading map, search & directly listing sites that a locally competitive business requires!
    • Once our platform establishes a connection to a listing, the ability to make basic info updates.
    • No need to go through registration, verification, configuration, data- entry-learning-curve and sales follow-up-headaches, listing by listing directory!
  • Review monitoring & alerts setup!
    • Distribution of reviews to different listings (based on what each listing accepts)!
  • Synced location, hours of operation, contact, website link, categorization so that each listing is optimized for both human & search engine cross-reference AND competitive SEO!
    • Totally eliminates the need to go from listing to listing every time basic address or contact information changes > we manage here!
  • Enhanced content, logo, images, links, and detailed description. Note: this is based on what each directory allows our platform to add into their database!
    • Set up of enhanced specific keyword-based service backlinks. Note: this is based on what each directory allows our platform to add into their database!
    • “Call To Action” (compelling short message, sale, or special where allowed) back-link!

COST: $100 per month

Note: Map, search, and listing directory sites exist to support their own business models, mostly based on advertising sales. While our platform establishes a great deal of control for the specific information they actually want in a listing, we cannot dictate a listing page’s layout. We cannot dictate whether or not they support enhanced information and friendly backlinks. We cannot dictate what unrelated information they force onto these pages. And we cannot dictate what listings are included.