Our Advanced WordPress Website Security Plan offers heavy duty security (see below) designed specifically for WordPress. PLUS, unlike any other security solution, we offer a guarantee! With this plan we include ‘manual malware removal’ AND the handling of any need for re-submission to Google, in the unlikely event something ever got past security. It makes this plan lock- tight and better than any other. Plus it’s (competitively) cheap!!

  • IP Address Identification > Protection that limits what IP addresses can login, eliminating fear for any login theft
    Web Application Firewall
    > Identifies malicious traffic, then blocks attackers before they can access your website
  • Malware Scanner > Scans daily for Malware, Bad URLs, Backdoors, Random Code and DNS Changes
  • Real-Time Threat Defense Feed > Protection from the latest threats to WordPress sites, each threat identified is added to your security real- time as worldwide episode data unfolds
  • Country Blocking > stops an attack, prevents content theft or ends malicious activity that originates from a geographic region in less than a second
  • Website IP Checks > confirms that your site is running on a clean IP address, which prevents blacklisting
  • Website Spamvertizing Checks > checks if your website URL has been flagged anywhere for spamvertising
  • Abandoned Application Plugin Notifications > for when that plugin you once used is no longer updated and vulnerable to hack 
  • Cell Phone Sign In Option > ( client choice ) “Two Factor Authentication” > this is used by banks, government agencies and the military
  • Audits Existing Passwords > ensures your passwords are strong by checking them against a database of common passwords
  • Advanced Comment Spam Filter > want blog comments? > advanced comment spam filter provides an additional layer of filtering
  • Brute Force Attack Blocking > stops brute force attacks permanently
  • Data Tracking > tracking for Blocked Intrusion Attempts, Google Bot, other Bot and Crawler activity data, Logins and Logouts, Human Visitors and detailed IP Info
  • Monitors Disk Space
  • PLUS Kinetic!! > And manual website & database malware removal PLUS re- submission to Google when needed – the biggest potential problem & cost to business people!

$16 per month

Important Notes:
* Security is NOT an absolute; it is an ongoing process and it must be managed as such. The threat landscape is constantly evolving AND SO should your security effort. Security is about risk reduction, NOT risk elimination because the risk will never be zero. It’s about using security controls that best address threats as they pertain to a website. This is as much about securing and hardening our personal-local environment, our online behaviors, connection with browsers / SSL and our internal processes, as it is physically configuring a website installation.

* This security blocks known malware, but there can be rare instances (i.e. new malware strains that have yet to be recognized) when malware will have to be removed manually and this can take anywhere from an hour to days. We include it!; however, in the event it ever happens, there may be downtime required. If this rare event occurs a temporary message can be placed for visitors. Once the process is complete we include re-submission to Google.
** Upon request, if there is a need for blacklist(s) remediation, there would be time- based cost for submissions to blacklisting entities. In these cases we follow their required steps, but cannot guarantee their acceptance.