Custom WordPress NJ | Kinetic KnowledgeMigrate Your Website to WordPress

Many have started a web presence with various types of software (including WordPress) only to find there are so many limitations. Or maybe it’s an outdated or even abandoned WordPress website? We excel in helping busy people transfer existing websites into modern mobile responsive managed WordPress, with little to no downtime and without having to start all over!

Kinetic Knowledge migration services include bringing pages, blog posts, text, images and video embeds over to a new WordPress website. Regular visitors won’t miss a thing and you will NOT ONLY have the most modern features WordPress has to offer, including content that is completely responsive for mobile devicesbut updates will be managed from there on. And you will own it all!

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Transfer Your Website To Managed WordPress Hosting!

Moving your existing website to a new hosting account can be stressful and even confusing! Let us review your existing design, site navigation, content and even any existing 3rd party software integration in order to move you seamlessly into an optimized hosting environment for WordPress. And with little to no downtime!

Let us assist you in the transfer of your existing website and avoid the headaches and problems that can arise from downtime, loss of digital footprint and/ or improper setup configuration.