Better Ranking By Town & County | Geographic Targetinggeo-targeting seo

The Google algorithm looks at an entire web presence, as many as 200 different competitive signals, when ranking a company’s content for target keywords. Useful content or the best answers to a search is always a search engine’s priority, so beware of those folks who create drama otherwise. What’s more, for MOST business owners the ‘target consumer’ is neither national nor worldwide, but local – to a particular area. This is where Geographic targeting becomes important. 

Without using geographic terms and targeting in content how would a search engine know to include that business for a locally-specific services search? And people do search locally, quite often in fact. For the business that produces locally specific town & county content or geo-targeting, the reward can be the most qualified website traffic, leads, and new business!

The Benefits Of Geographic Targeting

While competing for visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) a search algorithm can look for as many as 200 different competitive signals; however, it all starts with content. Properly executed geo-target pages can be a successful competitive strategy & signal for the business owner seeking traffic from prospective buyers in a particular radius of operation! Here are some of the benefits of geo-target pages that can translate to more traffic, leads, and new business:

1. A genuinely crafted geo-target page presents the argument to search algorithms that a business is authoritative for that town or county; it demonstrates that it should be ranked for & included in search results when someone is searching for those services in a particular town or county.

2. Geo-targeting also demonstrates authority on the specific towns & counties to the prospective buyers that live in them. 

3.  It can serve as a basis for the various social network, and Google listing, posts that demonstrate local to a town or county knowledge. In order to support both humans & search engines, these posts should include reinforcement for targeted keywords as well as back-links from posts to geo-target pages.

4. It can be used to link off the website to various useful local geography-related resources; the signal being ‘this page is a genuine resource for humans‘ on the subject of services offered in this particular area. 

5. Geo-target pages build a larger website page count. While it may not be the most highly weighted competitive signal, these pages can reinforce various keyword targets, while relating them to a specifically searched geography.