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Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs YouTube!

Leverage YouTube and Video Content For Business!Video And YouTube

Websites offer a wealth of detailed and specific information about your business; in fact, a website is your brand online; however, in the end does it really matter if new clients find your business through the website, a Facebook page, a Yelp listing … or YouTube? Depending on their needs, interest in information or even just a quick phone number does it really matter? Rounding out a web presence with lots of relevant citations (=your business information on other websites) has become more and more important. At least if your business wishes to be more visible to prospects and potential new business. So let’s talk about why YouTube has become so important to your competitive presence online.

In fact, leveraging video content and YouTube is a huge potential business driver!

Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs YouTube:

1. People generally prefer video to reading, in fact 4 billion videos are viewed daily

2. YouTube is the 2nd most trafficked search engine to Google, in fact it is no. 3 website in overall traffic to Google and Facebook

3. What’s posted to YouTube is automatically indexed by Google, Google owns YouTube and logically favors it over any other video host sites in search results

4. YouTube offers free storage for your videos, storage isn’t cheap and video files aren’t light

5. Youtube provides a free media player, a potentially expensive application to host on your website, and so video files uploaded to YouTube acquire ‘media player embed code’ for simple use on other website pages making it easy to add video to your website

6. YouTube embedded viewings (on other websites, including yours) are counted towards competitive relevance for that content … or SEO

7. YouTube videos can be used in any social network, and across your entire web presence of citations and channels

8. Any website can embed your videos from YouTube, thereby potentially exposing your content and brand to even more people

9. People can subscribe to a YouTube channel, meaning that when you put a new video up they get it direct via email

10. 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video

A reason for concern may be non- channel video options shown right side of a viewers’ page when rolling your video. There may also be some advertising there as well. It’s the cost of the free channel route, but a paid option is available to rid yourself of these potential distractions. There are more video host aggregators out there, some dedicated to particular industries or locations and others that are paid only with no advertising; however, it’s unlikely any of them will ever touch Youtube’s traffic potential for your business.


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