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Why Do Business Owners Need To Consider Video in 2019?

When Think with Google asked its’ audience (1,006 consumers between 18 and 54 surveyed Oct 2017) why they go to YouTube, surprisingly, it was NOT all for the entertainment. Instead consider ‘how- to video’ and then have a look at the below ‘Why people turn to YouTube’ chart compiled from the survey & resulting data:

how- to video on youtube


People Want To Learn Fast, So Help Them!

According to the study, 7 in 10 people turn to YouTube in order to help themselves with a problem. It’s for their work, their school or studies and also for general hobbies.

Better yet, 86% said they turn to YouTube to learn something completely new.

That’s right! ‘ How- to content ‘ actually gathers more attention than anything else on YouTube, including even music and gaming.



How Might Different Types of Business Use ‘How To Video’ To Draw New Leads?


Real Estate Agent or Agency

> How I go about getting qualified for a mortgage?

Builder / Developer

> What does it cost per square foot to build a home in my town?

Paving Contractor

> When is it time to re- build a driveway?

Home Inspector

> How would I really know if my home has mold?

Insurance Agency

> How much per incident auto coverage should I have, at minimum?

The point is demonstrating a knowledge of highly specific subjects in video that prospects are searching for and, in doing so, branding oneself = the business as the authoritative helpful professional for those same prospects to chose!

Folks the more useful your how- to video the more likely you will capture qualified leads!