Data Showing Why Business Must Use SEO

Search Engine Market Share – Where Will Consumers Be Searching?Data Showing Why Business Must Use SEO

So where will consumers search for your business in 2021? Some timely US-compiled December 2019 to December 2020 data here from focused on where consumers search the most. Better yet, from what search engine will the new business leads most likely come to your business?


  • All Platforms: Google 87.81% > Bing 6.45% > Yahoo 3.05% > DuckDuckGo 2.3%
  • Mobile Devices: Google 94.48% > DuckDuckGo 2.25% > Yahoo 1.94% > Bing 1.13%
  • Desktop PCs: Google 80.41% > Bing 12.24% > Yahoo 4.44% > DuckDuckGo 2.28%
  • Tablets: Google 77.72% > Bing 15.27% > DuckDuckGo 3.6% > Yahoo 3.17%

And while it may be obvious that Google is still the dominant search engine, it’s not wrong to wonder if Bing or DuckDuckGo are gaining traction or share with consumers. It’s why we decided to check and write it up for those of you who might be interested. 

More Consumer Search & Lead Generation Data

According to Small Biz Genius (January 2021) not only do 70-80% of all search users ignore paid search advertisements – completely, but a lead driven by SEO is 8X more likely to become a paying customer than those generated through an advertising campaign! And while we believe 80% of your competition is not using SEO, 61% of marketers surveyed by SBG actually say that in 2021 SEO is their top inbound marketing priority. Also relevant to business owners operating in a particular geographic region- 46% of all Google searches are locally motivated.

Search engines actually generate 300% more traffic to websites than social media. And while most people don’t go into the social networks to then jump out to a website, driving them out to a website is why a lot of marketers post and advertise on social networks. What’s more, 51% of all website traffic (that can be tracked) comes from a search engine. So whether you post to or advertise on the various social media websites, the total combined traffic they drive to a website is still a great deal less than from search. It’s an important detail because when someone searches they have intent; folks with intent can be qualified as genuine lead opportunities. Whereas with advertising the interaction begins as an interruption with folks (mostly) reviewing what friends, family, and various interesting people are up to.

To be clear, advertisers aren’t waiting around for leads to come and find them. There’s good reason to go find potential leads in a social network like Facebook; to brand and to connect, but this post is about why search should be in your marketing mix. This data not only shows where they go to search but also that targeting a person already searching for what you have to offer must be a 2021 priority, regardless of whether or not you also advertise. 

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