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What Search And Directory Listings Will Do For Your Business When Managed

Listings = Citations What Search And Directory Listings Will Do For Your Business When Managed

Citations are simply a reference on other websites for your business information, including Name, Address, Phone Number ( = NAP info ), hours of operation, website URL link and, if the directory owner allows, other service related information. Search and directory listing providers happen to be business listing websites that 1) people visit, that 2) search engines crawl & index and 3) that can dramatically improve an overall search optimized web presence.

What Listings Can Do For Your Business

A business with LOTS of accurate information- rich citations has a much better chance of being ranked high in Google local search results. Wait, what was that? People search and find business websites on Google, SO WHY would a business owner with a website bother chasing other citations? Or better yet, “Who is ever going to search for Home Builder or Inspector, for instance, on Yahoo.com, Topix.com, yellowpages.com or Yelp.com ?”

Well, Google is a search engine (albeit it is also a business listings directory = citations provider via Google Maps) that is looking to serve the searchers’ interest in the best answers possible. It needs to find and then compare the relevant information available on any subject. When there are lots of accurate references to a particular business, especially when consistent with the website’s info, well that’s where citations come in. Logically, a business with plenty of consistent citations on the web will have a far better chance of being ranked higher in Google local search results because those references support an overall competitive and consistent local presence.

And while Google isn’t disclosing which listing sites they trust or value the most, you can certainly do a quick business specific search and then draw your own conclusions. Many of the ‘search and directory site listings’ for that business are going to be there!

What You Need To Know About Listings

But who has the time to register, manage a verify- process and go through a per directory learning curve of option- driven steps in order to get a complete set of listings?  Who has the time to then update them, for instance when a phone number changes? It’s even more challenging when you consider that no one knows which citations truly matter to Google, so where is invested time best spent?

It’s where a search & directory listings citation service shines! Its also a quick easy way to build some back- links safely, without running the risk of raising red- flags. And while Google doesn’t necessarily count all listing back- links, its algorithm certainly does count some!

Our Listings Service Benefits

For some, the management support for listings/citations is welcomed support, so that a person can focus on your business. We can add a businesses information to most all of the large meaningful search & directory listings sites so that it will not only have the benefit of multiple quality business citations and a better competitive set of signals needed for higher Search Rankings, but potentially more leads and customers. Check out our search & directory listings service, which can add that all PLUS a great deal more for your marketing mix:  https://www.kineticknowledge.com/search-directory-listings-management-plan/