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Website Marketing Basics | Kinetic Knowledge Monmouth County NJ Digital Marketing

So you’ve had a website built for your business and it’s ready to launch. But now what? It’s time to start marketing your website so your customers can find you. If you don’t know where to start you are not alone. It can seem that there are endless marketing channels and strategies to Website Marketing Basics | Kinetic Knowledge Monmouth County NJ Digital Marketingchoose from when deciding where to spend your first marketing dollars. While each website is different, there are website marketing basics that apply to each and every website looking to be found!

Website Marketing Basics Step One: Identifying Your Immediate Needs?

If you are just getting started building your web presence than your immediate needs likely match or are similar to the following:

  • Increase interest in your product or service
  • Be found by current or potential customers
  • Boost your ranking or visibility on search engines
  • Generate New Business Leads
  • Build a reputation for being a trustworthy, quality products or services provider

Now that you know what you want out of your website (at least for now) it’s time to identify the steps that need to be taken to accomplish these goals.

While we refer to these as website marketing basics, it’s important to note that accomplishing these goals is nothing but basic. There is a long learning curve for implementing these tactics in the ways that actually work. There are endless semantics that will trip up event the sharpest operator. If done improperly, there can be a negative effect on the health of your web presence. Unless time is not an issue, it’s likely a better idea to put someone in charge of the digital marketing who is knowledgeable and meticulous when handling various digital properties.

Website Marketing Basics Step Two: Identify How To Meet These Goals

Commit To Good, Long Term Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is is a long term investment that needs to be considered from the get go. It’s challenging, time consuming and always changing. But, without a good SEO strategy, your marketing strategy as a whole can be rendered ineffective. It’s why at Kinetic Knowledge we tailor cost effective web marketing strategies that work month over month and that produce long term results. There is a long checklist of both on- page and off- page SEO tasks that are a necessary part of any marketer’s day to day responsibilities. The following steps are all part of a holistic approach to SEO and basic website marketing. See: What is SEO?

Fill Your Site With Quality Content

It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to fill your website with fresh content that is useful and that adds value to your customers. There is a delicate balance between writing for humans and for the search engines. Both need to be in constant consideration. Your website’s pages and blog posts should be optimized with keywords 1) that you know (or that you have researched to know) people readily search and that Google can easily identify, index and compare or rank you for.

See: Kinetic Knowledge Content Options and The Content Optimization Checklist!

Get Found Locally (Local SEO)

Even businesses who do business nationally and internationally still need to be able to be found in local search. For most businesses the local market is where you will do most of your business and those customers need to be able to find you. Think about the amount of competition in your business type just in your city, the county and / or the entire state. If you do not make local SEO a marketing priority your website will find itself buried in search results. Be sure to have a presence on all local directories and make sure they are well optimized with keywords, links and reviews.  See: Getting Ranked In Local Search Results and Local Search Engine Optimization Services.

Get Customers To Leave Good Reviews (And Plan For Bad Ones)

There is no avoiding reviews in this day and age. So, you MUST make managing them a priority. When searching a business online people look for feedback first and foremost, than they go the website to see how you present the business and answers questions. You need to create an environment where your customers can EASILY leave you good reviews. You must ask and follow through for them. And you need to have a plan of action in place for the inevitable bad review.

See: Getting Positive Online Reviews For Your Business

Use Social Media Effectively

Using Social Media is a marketing advantage you cannot ignore. With over 4.75 billion pieces of content being shared on a daily basis through social channels, you cannot fall behind in your social media marketing efforts. Content fuels social media and social media spreads quality content fast! Be careful not to assume that since you use Facebook or Instagram for your personal entertainment that you can use it for your business in the same way. There are different considerations to take for each social network and very specific ‘best practices’ to follow. If you don’t you’re wasting time and losing opportunities. 

See: Using Content With Social Media To Gain Business Leads and How Does Social Media Influence SEO Strategy

Having A Complete Citation Profile

Citations are one of the most important elements when it comes to ranking well in search engines. Making sure that your business NAP (name, address, phone number and even hours of operation) is accurate and accessible is a lofty task, and one often too overwhelming and time consuming for an already busy business owner. But, it must be done to support both your searching customers, and the search engines who look to directories containing these citations for business information. If they are crawling listings with conflicting hours of operation or addresses, you will fall out of visibility rapidly. 

See: How To Complete An Accurate Citation Profile

It is not necessary to attack all of these business marketing basics at once, but it is important to develop a plan and a timeline to make sure that all of the tasks are completed properly, and well maintained throughout the life of your website, and the sooner the better. We are here at Kinetic Knowledge to offer you our expertise in each of these areas. Contact us today to discuss the marketing needs for your website.