YouTube Is The No. 2 Most Trafficked WebsiteYouTube Video Advertising Campaigns by Kinetic Knowledge

Based upon the number of visitors and pageviews, YouTube is the 2nd most trafficked website online to Google (see top website traffic here). That’s right, YouTube gets more traffic than Facebook! And, by the way, Google owns YouTube so we can be certain its’ video content has favored, if not prioritized, visibility in Google search result pages.

Education Is A Marketing Opportunity

Education is one of the major reasons people visit YouTube and that’s not just a trend; it is an opportunity! Marketers (= you!) can leverage the vast interest in education for branding, traffic and new business leads. How? Whether it’s a clever advertising campaign of pre- roll video or a branded video education channel full of content, there is a qualified audience here for the taking. After all viewers are searching information every day on virtually all subjects and YouTube offers inexpensive targeted ad’ campaign and free video channel options. In the latter option mentioned, often referred to as edutizing, a marketer can build its’ helpful brand amongst the most qualified potential prospects with a channel full of useful answers to their common questions. In the former (pre- roll advertising campaign) example, an advertiser can easily target those qualified searches by presenting their brand value in quick 30 second pre- roll video ads.

How Can Education be Marketing or Advertising For The Average Business?

For a business owner, what education supports selling products and services? How about useful answers to common questions that not only inform, but that build trust among the qualified prospects already searching for them. Answers to questions directly related to the products & services the marketer sells?

Obvious Marketer Video Examples Might Include

Home Builder

What are the best use options for a fixed amount of space when building a new home?

Insurance Agent

How do you value your home for the property damage limits in a homeowners’ policy?


What kind of stretching can be done to relieve lower back pain?

Home Inspector

What does mold look like or what is the bad mold you need to deal with?

Real Estate Agent

How does a local real estate market determine the prices of homes for sale?

Video ad design Video editing or YouTube Advertising Campaign Management

Wish to talk more about how YouTube can support growth in your business? Whether it’s video ad design, video editing or YouTube advertising campaign management Kinetic Knowledge can help. Give us a call anytime at 732 722 5915 or ask questions here and we’ll get back to you quick!

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