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Using Permalink Slugs For Better SEO?


There’s a very subtle SEO tool in your editor known as the ‘Slug. If you aren’t already aware of it, WordPress offers configurable page URLs also referred to as ‘Permalinks’. Slugs are the words that follow the primary domain name URL used to describe a page. The Slug can be a URL friendly version of a longer maybe less specific page title otherwise automatically added to the end of a permalink.

Here’s a quick look at how to leverage ‘Slugs’:



We may wish to write page (or blog post) titles with humans in mind, to help motivate them to read more of our content. The same is not necessarily true for URLs, which can be less useful with humans yet still incredibly useful with search engines. 

  • A good permalink with customized slug example might be:
  • Otherwise WordPress automatically adds the entire page or post title unnecessarily like this:

Overriding the page title with a Slug can simultaneously shorten the URL while maintaining target keyword use. WordPress offers a number of opportunities to improve the presentation of your content to both humans and search engines. Depending on your targeted keywords, Slugs makes it possible to serve them both!


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