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Are You Using Slugs For Your SEO?


nj digital marketingThere’s an SEO tool in your website editor known as the ‘Slug. If you aren’t familiar with it, this tool offers a custom- configurable part of a page URL. Slugs are the words that follow the primary domain name URL & a front slash used to describe a page. The Slug can be the friendly version of a longer maybe less specific page title, otherwise automatically added to the end of a permalink.

Here’s a quick look at how to leverage ‘Slugs’ in your page URLs for better SEO:


Example Of A Potentially Better Slug

While you may wish to write page titles that help motivate human engagement, the same is not necessarily best for simple SEO- friendly URLs. For example, a custom permalink with keyword-targeted slug might be: ‘’, whereas, when there is no effort to customize most website software grabs the entire page title. Maybe that looks something like this:’.

Overriding the page title with a Slug can simultaneously shorten the URL, target specific keywords, and make it easier to use. WordPress, for instance, offers a number of opportunities to improve the presentation of content for both humans and search engines. Depending on your targeted keywords, Slugs makes it possible to serve them both!