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Google My Business leadsDoes Your Business Use The Google My Business Tools?

If your business marketing strategy includes being found locally by qualified consumers, then a CRUCIAL tool is going to be Google My Business (GMB). Particularly its local map & search listing tools. Access to your account will be here:

It’s important to note that Google My Business can never replace a website for its depth of specific information, its presentation of a unique brand or it’s broader than hyper-local potential for search visibility; however, it will certainly detail your most fundamentally important information in parallel with, as well as compliment, your website. It is a visible hyper-local citation that can include reviews and also active posts. And, by the way, the entire set of Google My Business tools are FREE.

Google Produces The Majority Of Searching

After all, the majority (near 90 percent?) of organic searches occur at Google. And Google’s Knowledge Graph uses verified ‘Google My Business’ information (hopefully including yours) to support its database of businesses for locally targeted searches. Let’s face it- when someone Googles “Security Installations Company Elizabeth NJ” and you happen to own a security installations business in Elizabeth NJ … you certainly want to be up top of those search results. 

And folks, this is not something to set up and forget. To be the lead driver it can become for your business, Google My Business needs to be tended to! So let’s look at how Google My Business will help your business capture local leads.

Google My Business (GMB) Listings… And More

Typical search results include a stack of information including a) advertisements up top, b) a local Map Pack of GMB listings, and then c) the organic search results. With GMB you are shooting to be in that local Map Pack of listings, just beneath the ads. Pay attention to these details in order to maximize visibility in those highly qualified local search results!

1. Listings

If you haven’t used this tool, the chances are your business is already listed … but you will need to claim your listing! To control your Google My Business listing you, as business owner or authorized representative, must be able to verify the business either has a physical location that customers can visit, OR, at least, that it exists. In the latter, a business must demonstrate that it will travel to where customers are located. Be sure that your Google listing offers a) accurate business name, b) location address (or visit area radius), c) phone number and/or website address, d) business hours, e) the best business categories possible (chosen from list, only) and a f) detailed description. And there are more options for detail added, so keep a close eye on your account dashboard for those. Once a new listing is created & verified, a Google Maps location listing is also generated – both consumed into the Google Search index for local search visibility.

2. Posts

Like with a social network account, a Google My Business listing offers posting. It’s for sharing announcements, offers & sales, new products, and events via posts – standard with the listing. It includes the ability to add pictures & graphics. To ignore posts is a LOST opportunity! It’s not only timely information about your business, but it can provide trusted backlinks to website pages and blog posts where a greater depth of information can be found. It is also a chance to reinforce the keywords your business targets in search. Recommendation: post to your Google listing every week, the potential is enormous!

3. Reviews

While no one can control who gives them a review, the public review profile that listings offer compliment a web presence. A listing with reviews & consistent (to website) information offers a public and, thereby, trusted local identity. Be sure to ask customers that you know are happy to write review so that a history can form. Furthermore, respond to people who have taken the time to post a review to demonstrate that you are paying attention. If someone ever leaves a bad review – do NOT react, but take the time to answer in a way that demonstrates professionalism and genuine concern to the public. 

4. Photos 

GMB offers the addition of photos. Some potential clients wish to see you, your work and even your place of work. Listings with more photos attract more attention!

5. Insights

GMB knows that you cannot grow what you do not measure. It provides data & analysis in order to show what these tools, as well as the effort involved, are bringing. They may also shed light on what the listing is not bringing and why. Knowing more about how to get a leg up with folks that were looking for what your business offers can only help to capture them going forward.

Local Visibility Drives Leads & New Business

What it boils down to is local information matters to consumers AND what people want locally matters to Google, so it had better matter to you! These details affect your business visibility when it comes to hyper-local search results and the map pack area consisting solely of Google My Business listings. So get verified, plug in your data, post, and pay attention to your GMB account. If you can’t do it, get someone in the know on Local SEO involved. We’d love to help you!

We can also help with the proper setup & management of your YouTube Channel, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.