Google My Business

What Is Your Business Doing About Google My Business (GMB)?

Let’s face it, when someone Google’s “Paving Company Bergen County NJ” and you happen to own a paving company in Bergen County NJ … you certainly hope to be visible up top of those search results. Let’s look at how Google My Business will help.

Today, if someone in Bergen County NJ is searching for a paving company, they don’t necessarily have to type “Bergen County” because local paving contractors will almost always automatically appear. Likewise, if they need a driveway paved they want a local paving company.  And yes, Google often knows where that consumer is searching from and so they serve their search results accordingly.

The question for (you) the marketer: is your business content, on and off website including GMB, optimized for local search results?

How To Use Google My Business (GMB)

So how do you get your business to show up in those local search results? Using the various parts of Google My Business is certainly going to help. Syncing it with more in- depth content on your website, via links in GMB business descriptions and in the posts, will improve that local search presence a great deal.

Typical search results include a stack of information including advertisements up top, a local Map Pack of GMB listings and then the organic search results. With GMB you are shooting to be in that local Map Pack of listings, just beneath the ads. Pay attention to these details in order to maximize GMB for better visibility in those hyper qualified local search results!

1. Information – What Does Your Business Do?

Get into the details and offer a full presentation of the business. If you are a builder, choose categories correctly from those offered … and dig for extra categories. Name, Address, Phone, Website and Hours of Operation are obvious, but be sure to describe experience, recently completed jobs and the type of work your business excels at. If someone is looking for a deck and deck construction is NOT in the detail you probably aren’t going to show up in their local search results. The more information and data available the more likely your business will pop up!

2. Location – Where is Your Business Located?

There are multiple search techniques and the map is only one.  If you are business that has no storefront there are options to show this; however, you must verify that your address is correct via a process GMB will dictate in setup. And note: UPS boxes need not apply!


3. Hours of Operation – When is Your Business Open?

Days, times and holiday hours matter, at least they do for that map pack area. You have a much better chance of appearing in a Google search if the search arrives during your hours. If you are closed, you likely won’t be there. Keep hours consistent between GMB and website, the Google algorithm cross references! Hours are important for many that search, this detail MUST NOT be overlooked.


4. Contact Information – What is the Phone, Website and Email Address?

The more options for connection the better! People can choose their preferred method of communication and get a message to you easily.

5. Manage Reviews – Better Yet, Seek Out Good Reviews!

Ask customers you know are happy to write reviews. Furthermore, respond to reviews. Thank people who have taken the time to post a review. If someone had a rough experience and maybe leaves a bad review then take the time to answer them in a way that demonstrates genuine concern! In many cases this is as much for prospective searchers as it is the party involved. Additionally, say a little something about how you enjoyed that particular transaction. Use keywords, they matter!

6. Photos – A Photo Can Say a Lot, So Choose These Carefully!

When you are selling a service like paving or construction post photos of jobs you are proud of. Potential clients want to see your work. Unfortunately, this can be a headache because only certain sizes will be accepted. Videos is welcome too; however, it is also tricky – too heavy a file and it won’t load.

7. Posts – What’s New, a Special or a Project Matters!

To ignore posts is a LOST opportunity! It’s not only a link to more in – depth brand- ready website pages and posts lost, but a chance to reinforce the all he keywords you target. Not to mention, a post on your listing may call a searching consumer who sees it to action. Again, those posts matter!


What it boils down to is local information matters to consumers AND what people want locally matters to Google, so it had better matter to you! These details affect your business visibility when it comes to hyper local search results and the ‘map pack’ area dedicated solely to Google My Business listings. So plug in your data and pay attention to your GMB account, Google holds you accountable to being up to date. If you can’t  do it, get someone in the know on Local SEO involved … we’d love to help!