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Let’s look at how and also what 7 signals search engines will use to index your images!

Google ( and all search engines ) index images!

Just like keywords in your text, their spiders are deployed to identify, consume or index and [algorithms then] rank images against what competitive content there is. People that search have intent, SO if your images are prepared correctly those people may just find them in search results and turn up on your site! 

And folks, it’s likely most of your direct competition is NOT using these tactics so let’s look at what signals can prepare your images for better search engine optimization.

7 Signals Search Engines Use To Index Your Images


  1. Anchor Text that points to the image (= hyperlinks buried in descriptive text on other pages, your and other sites, and from other sites pages)
  2. Alt text (= human friendly descriptive tags placed inside your images)
  3. Image Filename (= Art Gallery Frame Shop Monmouth County NJ.jpg )
  4. Keywords ion the page with the image ( = particularly text near your image ) 
  5. Page Title
  6. Image Sitemap (= list of images accessible to Google helps tell about images)  
  7. Computer Vision (= technology attempts to duplicate human vision by electronically perceiving and understanding an image)

Just like with text, your website, pages & images must be marked up well for competitive search engine indexing. Your images must also be a supported format such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, WebP or SVG, but when prepared well … your images, just like text, can attract traffic & generate new business!