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Wordpress Security ManagementSome time ago we wrote about the Top Reasons WordPress is Important For Your Business!’ Soon thereafter a business associate called and said,
“If you really want to give folks some ideas, write about what they’re missing when they do not use WordPress.”He had a point and so here are ” Top 5 Reasons A Business May NOT Need WordPress ” :  

1. You do not appreciate rapid advancement of your website’s software, all the while knowing the web, browsers, search engines, hacks and information- seeking consumers are moving along with or without you. 

2. You do not wish to own or control your website, online brand and ground zero for where prospective buyers can get informed. Rather you will place it all in an environment offered by those whose goal is to use your for their own endeavors. 

3. You do not want all the search- engine friendly tools necessary to build competitive content, not to mention those added as the software rapidly advances.  

4. You do not appreciate simple content creation.

5. You do not appreciate the unlimited design- ready- theme or the anything- necessary- solution- plugin- application reality of WordPress. 

And while this post pokes some fun, there’s a great deal of truth to the advantages of WordPress for business. At Kinetic Knowledge we are biased: we are a specialized WordPress Designer, Developer, Webmaster, Host And Managed Support Service 🙂