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Top 10 Reasons WordPress Is Important For Your Business!

Custom WordPress by Kinetic KnowledgeTop 10 Reasons WordPress is Important For Your Business!
1. WordPress is Extensible!

Unlike many software platforms, WordPress is designed with consideration for future growth and change. After all the web isn’t static, so your website software can’t afford to be either. When managed properly, it’s constantly advancing and it’s never obsolete! It’s a full blown content management software platform that can be designed or adjusted to do just about anything [i.e. design, apps’, database, social integration, lead capture, etc.] Think of the great websites you’ve seen, but with all of the additional advantages listed below.

2. WordPress is Open Source!

Arguably the most successful open source software platform ever unleashed on the programming and design community, WordPress has such incredible worldwide support that new plugin solutions, advances and also problem fixes are endless! Because the supporting programming community is so vast, it collectively solves problems & challenges rapidly.

3. WordPress is Setup for the Ease of Real-Time Content Publishing!

If you want to be relevant on the web, you must publish! WordPress enables the simple, unlimited and cost free creation of content. While it’s a full blown content management software platform, nothing supports the need to be content driven better than WordPress. Plus, your content remains organized [e.g. categorized, tagged and archived] in your branded environment.
4. WordPress is Equipped for Outbound Syndication to the Sites and Social Networks of Your Choice!

Short on time, big on broad web visibility? Set your blog up properly and your content can network your brand everywhere! Syndicating Formats enable automated outward bound syndication of your content to your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social network accounts.
5. WordPress is Search Engine Friendly!

People that search have intent: when it relates to what you sell, you better try and be there. Out of the box WordPress is pretty optimized website software because of how it supports the crawling and indexing of every page. It’s crawled easily due to it’s permalink, category & tag structure. It also has well linked pages and clean markup. Versus typical HTML sites, which require time & effort to change and to optimize new content, WordPress is easily updated and also manipulated for search. Managed correctly, WordPress is off the charts search engine optimization!

6. WordPress is Tuned to Entice Unlimited Subscription!

Do you want links? Bookmarks? Do want to be on the radar screen of “ready to buy” buyers? To make it happen, you need to have people repeatedly reading your blog. How do you get folks to visit more regularly? Whether via RSS or email, you must get them to subscribe and WordPress makes it happen! 

7. WordPress is Disintermediated Advertising!

Advertising used to be limited in time and space. Your choices were few, mostly just the media companies wealthy enough to create the content that could attract an audience for your advertising message. Once there, they limited your audience engagement time & presentation space. Now, with WordPress, that’s been disintermediated: there are no longer limits to content creation, distribution or the visibility (shelf life) of your valuable information. Advertise current events, know how and education direct to the market you target … and who want it direct!

8. WordPress is Primed to Leverage The Long Tail!

The idea behind Long Tail Theory as it relates to your business is to be visible for as many word & phrase variations of your core subject as possible. While a business may generate less search discovery per variation than it will for the most sought after target key words & phrases, the collective impact for all those variations can be much greater. What’s more, short tail word & phrase visibility may simply be cost-prohibitive. WordPress supports the cost-effective approach to being visible for all those variations…. in the search engines and social networks!

9. WordPress is Configured to Promote Interactive Commenting!

Comments can be nice, maybe because people pay you compliments, or useful when they bring a mistake to your attention. Above all, comments foster engagement! While most consumers won’t comment on your WordPress site and you don’t need comments to sell your products and services, engagement can get people linking and bookmarking. It can also help you build more relationships.

10. WordPress is Proven At The Highest Level!

Sophisticated Companies like ‘The New York Times’ and ‘The Wall Street Journal’ use WordPress… need we say more?

What is Kinetic Knowledge?

If you consider yourself capable, managing WordPress can be a way to go; however, don’t ever let anyone suggest that customization for a business easy.  With constant WordPress software, plugin & custom work updating, browser sync’, security and server optimization… things can get hairy fast. If nothing else, beware that plugins get abandoned, configurations come undone and things will break.

Kinetic Knowledge is a leading custom WordPress management services firm with experience in its’ design, SEO, social integration | cooperation, hosting, education and service management. At Kinetic Knowledge we believe in adding tremendous value. Clients come first – we can’t succeed unless you do!