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NJ Facebook Advertising Services | Kinetic Knowledge Top Reasons For Advertising On Facebook

Facebook is the most used social network platform, easily surpassing 1 billion active users monthly.  Compare that to Twitter’s 284 million and Instagram’s 300 million and it’s easy to see where the average web- socialite goes FIRST.

Advertising on Facebook is a remarkably useful tool, particularly when it comes to getting timely and important messages out to large highly specific audiences. Remember: Facebook gathers a ton of personal information about every registered user. For the advertiser, it translates to laser- like target- ability.

Facebook should NOT be overlooked in your marketing plans!

Facebook Advertising Solutions NJ10 Reasons Your Business May Want To Advertise On Facebook

  1. Simply stated- Facebook is the most used social platform there is. Period.
  2. Facebook Advertising can be super-targeted. Select your audience through a series of qualifiers that can include location, age, sex, hobbies, likes, interests, relationship status, religion, job, business ownership, etc., etc.
  3. Facebook loves local! You don’t have to be a worldwide phenomenon to get a good return on your investment. Facebook makes it remarkably simple for local businesses to narrow targets down to the location of their audience, right down to a zip code!
  4. Facebook advertising can be inexpensive. You are never forced to commit to a large spend, you can cap your campaign so that it turns off once it has reached any set budget. Start lean, test, learn and grow with Facebook Advertising.
  5. Reach those coveted mobile users. The majority of Facebook users are scrolling through their wall via their smart phones. Your ad will show up mixed in with friend & family posts, right there in front of their eyes!
  6. Know exactly how many people you can reach. When you set the criteria for your ad, Facebook will let you know how many users are available to meet your requirements. You can ratchet up or down how many can see your ad.
  7. You can use different photos, a great advertising feature. Facebook will let you upload multiple photos for your ad and it will rotate which photo is shown.  You can see in the reporting section if a particular photo is capturing more clicks versus another.
  8. Connect with forgotten fans or those who have liked you at some point. You may have Facebook likes that have gone dormant, maybe they forgot about the page. There was a reason why they liked you in the first place, sometimes it just takes a little reminder to earn their business again. With Facebook ads, you have options: target those who like your page (only), target them and their friends or go outside and target per specific criteria mentioned earlier.
  9. Facebook allows you to choose between cost per click and cost per impression ad types based on which suits your need the best. There’s also retargeting!
  10. You can limit a sale message, just let just your likes know about that timely sale or promotion.

In this day and age, there are multiple ways to advertise. Email is great, but not everyone opens it. Newspaper readership is down, nowadays many folks get their news via soundbite. TV and radio advertising can be expensive and less targeted.  Direct mail can end up right in the trash. Facebook is an affordable, flexible tool to consider adding as that modern marketing option in your plan.

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