WordPress Supports SEO Mechanics!

WordPress Better For SEO MechanicsWordPress In- Page Search Engine Optimization 

Search engines identify and then rank content based upon a couple hundred ‘legendary signals’, apparently all weighted & change quite often. Years of experience shows that useful content is as important a signal as any! And WordPress software matters because it supports SEO! Per Matt Cutts (formerly) of the Google Search Quality team, “WordPress takes care of 80-90% of SEO mechanics.” Translated, he meant that the fundamentals of content easy for Google spiders to consume is provided with WordPress. 

Why WordPress?

WordPress is better for designing websites because it is not only suited for an ease of content creation and editing by humans, but for markup that supports search engine spider crawling & consumption! What Cutts was acknowledging was that with a greater ease for crawling deep into a website’s pages the more likely it is to index keywords … leading to better overall visibility & SEO.  Assuming  a WordPress website is hosted & managed properly, it remains a competitive advantage in a web environment that is always evolving.


WordPress Page SEO Tips

WordPress makes easy to use tools readily available for what follows:

    • Page URL or its’ Permalink should include target keywords 
    • Page Title, use of keywords in a page’s title (public facing) 
    • Meta Titles, use of keywords in a page’s meta title (in the page code)
    • Meta Descriptions, use keywords in this excerpt summary (in the page code) in the hope it is consumed as snippet description we all see per result in search result pages to better lure a searchers interest
    • Copy Headers, use of keywords for transitions in a page copy in order to add emphasis 
    • Anchor Text Links, a link laid in text to other pages or posts with depth for that linked text (often made obvious by bold, color and or underline)
    • Image Alt Tags, use of keyword tags in page images (in image code)

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