blogging copy writing by kinetic knowledge WHY BLOGGING REMAINS SO IMPORTANT FOR BUSINESS

New challenges are solved online every single day. As problems arise people are going to be searching for the answers they need. If your business is the answer what have you done to be there when they need you? By blogging to help solve problems, a business increases its’ probability for being discovered.

How? Posts generate subject specific keyword indexing, which arrive in ‘search engine result pages’ (i.e. SERP). The more subjects, answers and keywords covered the more potential visibility there is among the QUALIFIED new leads. They are QUALIFIED by the intent of their searches! And by writing to educate and answer their questions a business will also present itself as ‘trustworthy’ versus competitors who may not ever bother. 



1. Search: All consumers search and they research. Search engines reward those businesses willing to publish or blog good content with visibility in their indexes. Of note here is a search engine needs to remain relevant to its searching consumer and so organic search results should not, in theory, ever be influenced by advertising dollars.

2. Organic Search Results: Approximately 90% of all searches result in an organic search results click through and NOT a Pay Per Click Ad click.

3. Unlimited Visibility: A business can become visible in organic search result pages for an unlimited number of keywords surrounding its products and/ or services! The ‘Long Tail of Search‘ rewards a business with visibility among qualified searchers. 

4. Advertising Longevity: With search and blogs, a business is never limited by time or space. Unlike traditional advertising, where it pays for limited circulation, advertorial content or blogs may remain available online forever. Think ‘Advertising Disintermediation‘ and the breaking of barriers between a businesses knowledge and those who want it.

5. Qualified Leads: The search engine interface is a natural lead filtration system. Because consumers can search the topic keywords of their choosing, they are the most qualified leads imaginable to an advertiser.

6. Simple Content Publishing: Business blogs make it very easy to compete for the attention of qualified searchers. The publishing interface makes blogging as easy as crafting an email.

7. Builds Trust: Business blogging affords a chance to present a business in a much more human way than traditional advertising ever will. A business blog helps to keep the attention of current and future clientele.

8. Direct Subscription: A blog offers a business the unlimited potential for direct and voluntary subscribers. Blogs may offer email subscription and once a consumer is subscribed they will automatically receive a message every time the business blogs. It means staying on radar screens until a consumer is ready to buy … or buy again.  

9. Cheap Technology: Blog solutions are cheap easy to manage content publishing tools and almost routinely a feature of a website. They certainly are with WordPress!

10. Reduced Overall Marketing & Advertising Cost: Versus other forms of advertising a good Business Blog can dramatically reduce overall marketing & advertising costs, while simultaneously raising visibility!

Get yourself a good Business Blog (see Copywriting | Blogging Services) and know about the different types of SEO Service available. Any questions contact Kinetic Knowledge!