WordPress Webmaster Host & Manage Service! WordPress Webmaster Host Services For Business

Many host plans house hundreds, maybe thousands, of websites with no rhyme or reason other than to maximize profit per server. What’s more and unlike many proprietary website platforms, truly modern website software advances with the release of updates. With the advancement of the web, search engines and browsers – website software must also advance. Our host & manage service is for the business that not only requires managed hosting, with servers limited to healthy website numbers, but the managed execution of software updates. We manage WordPress (core software, theme & applications) website hosting and updates as a priority! We work to protect client assets and we are familiar with our client’s business objectives! Our WordPress Webmaster Host & Manage Service includes:


I. Standard Customer Service, Accountable & Human!

  • No contractual traps
  • Responsive support: phone and email
  • Management of digital assets 
  • The intention is to support busy people!

II. Standard WordPress Use & Marketing Support

  • Experienced Professional Marketing Consultation & Support
  • Regular Email & Video Education
  • Instruction On Website Features
  • Search Engine & Social Network Guidance

III. Standard WordPress Host 

  • WordPress Installation 
  • Domain Name Server (DNS) Mapping Setup 
  • Managed VPS Hosting, Configured Solely For WordPress Management
  • Page Load Best Practices
  • Monthly Backup, Entire Theme File & Content Database

IV. Standard WordPress Management 

  • Basic Front Level WordPress Security
  • Website Admin Monitoring
  • Major Release Planning For Seamless Upgrades
  • WordPress Upgrade Release & Security Patch Management
  • WordPress Theme & Application Upgrade Release & Security Patch Management
  • Admin Status setup, meaning you own & control your website

V. We handle it all for $69 Per Month!

Some Items Outside The Scope Of These Services include:
Webmaster Host And Manage Services by Kinetic Knowledge

  • Cancellation: you can cancel monthly services with us anytime so long as it is understood cancellation is effective the last day of the month we are notified
  • Education: up to one (1) hour of on board website use education is included, plus ongoing educational resources (newsletter email and video support) and we will always support general questions responsively 
  • Design/Development: new design, development, 3rd party application research & setup or content creation work must be executed as a specific project and are outside the scope of this service. 
  • 3rd Party Applications: we advocate you have us vet all apps, but in the event 3rd party applications (= other software) are added to the website – performance is a responsibility of that provider 
  • E- Commerce websites requires a different support plan – see ‘E-Commerce Management Plan
  • Management status: responsibility for protecting & encrypting passwords and local web device management is website owner’s 
  • Advanced Security & Malware Cleaning: we offer the top security solution for WordPress websites as an option (see: ‘Advanced Security’ )