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Business small and large use Twitter to connect with clients and create new relationships. You can discover what’s going on in the world right now and learn more about what’s happening in your own back yard. The social networking tool can be tailored for global businesses or local ‘mom and pops’. It’s all in how you craft your strategy for your business’s goals.

twitter-tips-njTwitter is an advanced relationship building tool that businesses can use to network with industry colleagues, vendors, clients and even potential clients. Twitter is perhaps one of the most user-friendly and flexible social media platforms in that you can seek out people to follow based on their location, hobbies, interests, etc. Unlike Facebook business pages where you have to wait or pay for people to ‘like’ your page, Twitter let’s you seek out who YOU want to connect with and instantly start a relationship with them.

If you don’t already have a Twitter account for your business, go to and create one. Your user name and your handle can be the same or different. Example, user name= Kinetic Knowledge and handle is @kineticnews. If your business’s name is too long, you will have to abbreviate it for the handle.

One of the first things we recommend doing after creating your Twitter account is to seek out other businesses in your town/county and follow them on Twitter. This is useful down the line for relationship building and cross promoting.

You can find other local business by simply doing a search for their name in the search bar at the top of Twitter. You can also search for the name of your town in the search bar, and find people who are talking about your town. These people are good to follow as well. Chances are they live locally and could be potential customers.

Search out and follow major brand names that have relevance to your industry.  They will probably share news and information about their products like awards won or new launches, and you can ‘retweet’ this information and share with your followers (once you get some, that is).

Announce on your other social networks that you are now on Twitter and ask your clients to follow you. When they do, return the favor and follow them back. Also send out an e-blast and put signs at the front desk saying that people should follow you on Twitter and ‘like’ you on Facebook.

Once your account is set up and you’ve followed some other local businesses, local town residents and industry brands….start Tweeting! What should you tweet? News from your business, special offers, photos of clients enjoying your product or service, staff photos, local news, industry news, trends, funny stories, etc. Keep in mind that you only have 140 characters to get your message out. So keep it short and simple.

In addition to writing your own tweets, tweets from other accounts you follow will appear on your timeline when you log in. If you see something interesting that you want to share with your followers, ‘retweet’ it. People appreciate when you retweet their information, and they may return the favor and retweet your tweets as well, or at the very least, follow you.

Business owners have little free time, so in order to ensure that your social accounts stay updated and active, designate a trusted employee to create the updates for you or set a time in your schedule at least three times a week to go into your social accounts and add info.

At Kinetic Knowledge we are very proud of our Social Media team of professionals who can help you write and disperse content for all of your blogs and social networks. To learn more about our social media marketing services, please visit us online.

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