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You have a Faceboook page for your business, but it doesn’t get that much action. Sound about right? Does it sometimes feel like you are posting and posting but no one is listening? You’re not alone. There are a few factors that determine the success of a facebook-marketing-njFacebook page, and whether or not people engage. Just because you are using Facebook for business, it doesn’t mean your page should leave out personal elements that help form relationships.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when coming up with content for your social media channels. First, let’s talk about what you are posting.

People are on Facebook for many different reasons, but for the most part, they want to be entertained, informed and educated. Having a Facebook page that meets most of these needs can greatly improve your engagement. So how do you meet these needs as a business?

  • Entertain: Make people laugh, share stories and updates about cheerful things that go on in the news and by all means, share some candid photos of your business in action.

Funny e-cards are very popular on Facebook. Do a Google search for ‘funny e-cards about [insert subject here related to your business]’ and you can find dozens cards that will make a good entertainment post from time to time.

People love to see your product or service in action. Don’t forget to showcase any photos that represent what your business or service can do for people.

When entertaining Facebook fans, remember, you want to relate to your audience and build relationships with them, not just promote your business.

  • Inform: People like to stay in the know, and Facebook is a great place to gather news and information. Help people stay in the know by posting relevant news and information on your Facebook page. You can keep the topics related to your industry so you don’t get too far off topic.


  • Educate: Being a trusted provider of information has its benefits. Position yourself as the experts and educate your clients with facts and information that tie back to your business. When people trust you and the knowledge you provide, they are more likely to remain loyal to your business.

Now that you know what to post, let’s talk about how often you should post. There are two ends of the spectrum; posting too much and posting too little. You want to fall somewhere in between. Posting 1-3 times per day is adequate, depending on how active your audience is. You may find that additional posts are acceptable with your audience. What’s more important than quantity of posts, however, is quality of posts. So if you can do at least 1 really great post per day, that’s better than 2-3 posts that don’t generate any engagement from your fans.

Based on the type of posts we discussed above, make a weekly calendar for yourself so each day you know what type of information you will talk about. Monday could be entertainment, Tuesday may be informative, etc. Take 5 minutes before you start your day and get your page updated. More than 30% of consumers claim greater loyalty to a brand if they’re fans of the company on Facebook.

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