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In our most recent blog titled, 7 Things to Know for Good SEO, we once again went over the importance of social network activity as a highly weighted search engine signal. In other words, your content (blogs, web pages) that gets shared around Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc plays a large role ( not only for increased exposure to more consumers ) in boosting your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) efforts.

So the idea here is to write content ( ideally blog posts on your site ) on a regular basis that not only captures the attention of an audience, but also encourages them to share the content with their social network.

Not all content is created equally, that’s for sure. And there is some evidence that point to certain types of content being shared more often than other types. Share-worthy content starts with the headline. That’s the single biggest hurdle you have to get over to get your content shared online. Write a great headline. BUT- it can’t be just any headline. A recent study of 1 million blog titles by CoSchedule reveals the types of headlines that will give you the best chance at having your content shared online.

Common Words/Phrases Used in Highly Shared Headlines

nj-seo-blogging-companyList Posts: These types of posts make a specific promise as to what’s in store for the reader. Everyone is rushed for time, and people don’t like to waste any. Telling them what’s in store for them makes them more likely to read the post, which is the first step in getting them to share it with their networks. If you successfully satisfy the promise you’ve made in the headline and the topic is interesting- you’ll increase your odds of getting shared. Some examples of list post blog headlines are:

  • 5 Ways to Make Your Home More Eco-Friendly
  • 7 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog
  • The Top 10 Ingredients You Never Want to See On a Nutrition Label

Free/Giveaway: Who doesn’t like to get something for free? Doing a contest or give away is a great strategy to get your brand in front of more people and create a social buzz. People love sharing contests and giveaways, especially when there are good freebies involved.

Some examples of free/giveaway blog headlines are:

  • Free Ebook Describes How to Make Simple At Home Acne Regimens (create a simple PDF that can be downloaded for free that provides value to the reader and showcases your expertise)
  • We’re Giving Away a Free Gym Membership To One Lucky Winner (create a fun contest with a great giveaway)
  • Win A $100 Gift Card To Our Restaurant- All You Need is An Email Address (expand your email database- by signing up for your email database users are entered into a content to win a prize)

How To / DIY

There is something about building or making an item on your own that makes it feel more valuable to you. People also love handmade things, and it turns out, even more so when it’s their own hands that made the items! Making something on your own is a great accomplishment, and let’s face it, people love to share their accomplishments on social media.

DIY and How To can cross a wide range of topics from How To Prepare For An Interview to How To Choose The Right Realtor to Sell Your Home. The possibilities are endless for a ‘How To’ blog post for any business.

Ultimately- whether or not your content gets shared on social media will be determined largely by your headline, and of course quality content. There are several things you can do to help your posts get more attention, and we’ll cover more tips in upcoming blog posts. For now, think about the three types of headlines we reviewed above and try to come up with a great blog post using at least one of these strategies.


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