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Why Consider SEO When Building A Website?

Consider SEO From The Start Of A Website | Kinetic Knowledge Monmouth County NJ

Creating a website is often an exciting time for a business. The website its’ brand representative online from the design aesthetics, imagery and tone of the copy to the very graphic elements, colors and font.

Done right a website is also a marketing priority! And that means visibility in Search Engines is equally, if not more, important. Competing for various keywords is very much like a living organism, it must be fed in many many ways AND day to day. However, it must all start somewhere. To become competitive requires planning a fundamental on- page(s) SEO strategy from day one in development! With no on- page plan, any chance for ongoing competitive SEO is lost … and it’s going to be an even bigger more expensive challenge later!

SEO And User Experience

Again, a well structured website is important both for the user experience and for search engine indexing. While a website should be pleasing to the eye, there are several other important marketing considerations required in order for it to be successful. These consideration will be killers later, when not planned from the start:

  • Content > search engines crawl pages for keywords, are all pages structured well with proper keyword placement & meta data, yet not stuffed to a degree the user will suffer!
  • Mobile Responsive > user experience is priority number one with search engines, people search with their phones, so a website MUST be mobile- friendly!
  • Internal Links & Navigation > search engines don’t only count links from other sites, they like relevant content that offer the visitor useful links between supporting pages!
  • General Navigation > search engines measure how long visitors stay, how many pages they visit, so a visitor must find it easy navigate to all the information they may want!
  • Host & Load Speeds > search engines measure it, so a host must serve visitor experience with fast page load times!
  • Security > search engines also crawl pages for malware in order to protect their searching surfers, as well as look for secure socket layers when there’s shopping involved!

What To Optimize Before Site Launch

Newer and better competition will always come, so SEO is never static and certainly an ongoing process. But the groundwork must be laid in order to prepare a site for search engine crawling & keyword indexing. Here are some things that need optimization before site launch.

  • Using Keywords In URLs – Search engines focus heavily on keywords and indexing them via their page URLs. They also consider those used in the URL itself! Make sure page URLs help to describe what each page has to offer. Fix this after the fact, your page starts all over and what was indexed is lost! 
  • Title and Meta Data – Much easier and less damaging to change after he fact than URLs, you must still consider the time it takes to index competitively. It’s why you want to try and be sure your keywords are available to search engines early and in the clearest possible fashion. Keep your page and meta titles straightforward, easy to identify and and easy to consume!
  • Responsive Design – Simply stated, your website must be mobile friendly! It is no small project to convert an existing site to a mobile friendly site. Therefore, why not start from the beginning with a mobile friendly website design!?
  • Optimize Photos and Videos – Using properly tagged graphics, photos and video supports the aesthetics of the website, but is also an important part of an SEO strategy. Using the right file names & alt tags will not only generate more indexing and search engine visibility for content, but optimal photo sizes also support page loads speed! 
  • Create Link Structures For The Crawl – Your link structure needs to make sense, a path that can be followed by search engines. In other words, content must flow in a logical manner.
  • Social Sharing > Social voice matters and the search engines ability to measure how often a page has been shared by visitors on the page via social icons with share counts makes their job much easier!
  • Measurement Software – And don’t rule out supporting software, like day to day keyword rank measurement and fundamental page SEO grading solutions.

Not planning SEO with a design & development project may cause a business to miss out on important ranking opportunities. At Kinetic Knowledge we can help to guide the process of both building a new, or converting an existing, website into a new mobile, user and search engine friendly design.