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No less than once per week we get calls from folks dangerously uninformed, particularly about the fact SEO takes time. When people finally decide to invest in SEO services, it’s usually because they are panicking about the fact that their website traffic is dead. No visitors or leads, nothing is coming in.

You see just because you build it doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers will come. And while WordPress offers many on-page SEO tools necessary, it is the actual use of them that matters. How much competition there is will determine how many signals are necessary to become visible for target keywords. Website pages have to be optimized for search engines to notice, but other signals will be necessary to rank them high. Ultimately we must have the attention of search engines first in order to then gain the attention of qualified (by their search) consumers.

monmouth county nj seo servicesWhen in panic mode we often want a resolution fast and, unfortunately, that’s NOT how SEO or search engines work. Granted visibility for some keywords is less competitive than others and can happen quicker, but we’ve really got to schmooze Google for the hyper-competitive keyword targets; we’ve got to impress with useful content and various other signals, on and off-website, they use to compare!


There are many facets of SEO: you cannot do one thing and expect to show up on Google Page 1. That’s not how it works, worse search results never stop changing (see: What is the Google Crawl). You have to combine the best practices and techniques possibly including website metadata, keyword-optimized content, internal page-linking, quality inbound-links, quality outbound links to supportive content, social signals, accurate listings & citations and, depending on how competitive it is for keywords in a particular business discipline, quite possibly more.

Search engines are way ahead of you! They look for compliance with a set of quality guidelines, not to mention use and popularity. And popularity is not paying someone to build 1,000 backlinks, which is likely going to be identified as spamming and do more harm than it ever will good.

You may be saying to yourself, Why invest time or money into SEO if it’s going to take so long to start producing results??” You must think about it THIS WAY: you may not be implementing an SEO strategy, but a serious competitor certainly will. So when that consumer goes to Google and searches for a product or business like yours, you won’t be there … but your competitor will.

If you want immediate visibility for a sale or special you are having- get the word out by advertising it. If you want to have the type of digital or web footprint that will allow consumers to find their way back to your website on their own terms & timeline, start investing in SEO. Whether you are a brick and mortar business or 100% web-based your web presence needs to be available for people considering your product, service or brand; 80% of consumers research businesses online first, so those of us who fail to plan an SEO strategy essentially…  ultimately plan to fail. Learn more about local Local SEO services.

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