SEO Services NJ

SEO Services NJ

SEO Defined

If there was ever a service or industry misunderstood by business people it would be SEO. The main goal of SEO is to attract an audience of qualified leads; however and due to the competition, this visibility is a rapidly moving target. A lot of different signals, some on and some off website, must be built with day over day in order to be and remain visible.

SEO Requires Execution & Analysis!

Above all signals, the content must be useful. Good information improves the likelihood it will be found; that it will gather the recognition in signals a search engine counts in order to rank content competitively. In fact, the Google algorithm never stops counting and comparing signals. SEO is ongoing and it requires regular analysis OR one risks being passed by its competition.


I trust these guys like no other. Over many years now they have kept their word and completed every task on that plan. That resulted in an increase in business and online exposure. If you don’t use Kinetic Knowledge it would be equivalent to throwing away a winning lottery ticket. – Nicholas Cicero 


At Kinetic Knowledge we do NOT confuse with nonsense about some form of magic. We prefer a client not only knows what is being done, but why. No techniques that risk damage either, only work that improves rankings, traffic and and long term results.

On-Page SEO

  • Target Keyword Research
  • On-Page Keyword Use Analysis
    • Keywords use
    • Page Title 
    • Header(s) 
    • Meta Title Tags
    • Meta Description Tags
    • Content
    • Image File Names
    • ALT Text In Image Files
  • Permalink Page URLs
  • Link Structure
  • Ongoing Useful Authoritative Blogging
  • Evergreen Pages
  • Content Quality Scores
  • Website Architecture

Off – Site SEO

  1. Host Performance
  2. Per Page Optimization Rank Grading
  3. Analyze Traffic, Keywords Rank, Back-Links, Spider Crawls, etc. to better gauge where efforts are needed most 
  4. XML Sitemap new & revised page submissions
  5. Link Build ( strategic, relevant directories, forums, etc. )
  6. Citations
  7. Social Media Promotion & Marketing
  8. Metas 
  9. And much more!