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Can SEO be Trusted to IT?

SEO (search engine optimization) can be a confusing acronym. It sounds like something that can sim

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ply be handed off to a technical or IT (information tech’) person; however, unless this person thinks about business marketing all day long she is not going to be a best-case scenario for the business who wants sound marketing online.

By no means is this post meant to disparage the great IT people who offer so many necessary technical skills. Consider that an IT person is likely adept at setting up various office technologies (i.e. email, computers, and local area networks), but can any random person create the kind of content that appeals to both humans and search engines? Maybe. Do they have the necessary experience to capture humans with particular interests that a business must target online? Maybe. Do they live and breathe digital marketing? 

SEO is Marketing!

There seems to be a perception SEO requires a lot of technical expertise and because of that, IT folks can just do the work. And sure there are some technical parts to SEO work, but a serious business MUST vet’ what marketing expertise there is … or the SEO is going to suffer. Without, at least, fundamental SEO a business brand is likely going to invisible online when people search. 

Sure there are technical aspects of a website build, but the lion’s share of website development is knowledge of themes, plugin applications and strategic marketing execution. It is design; it is ‘call to action’; it is content creation, navigation for, and the optimization of, all website pages. And it is an effort to support both the presentation of a unique brand and a web presence that can capture leads.

Unless your IT person is spending her days focused on marketing techniques in an ever-evolving web environment, it’s probably not going to be smart to simply turn the SEO duties over to an IT. While IT folks are pros, adept in many technical areas, many would admit their skill set has little to do with what’s needed for an online marketing strategy.


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