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Great Blog Posts Deserve To Be Repeated

Blog Posts, Content Strategy & Marketing 

Blog posts shouldn’t be used once, then left to fade away over time. And  that is exactly what happens to a lot of valuable & still- relevant authoritative useful blog posts on your websites! In fact, pages are often in this same predicament.

But why? Is it because someone somewhere might notice and get angry for the sharing of a piece of content a second time? So what! As marketers we cannot worry about those kinds of things, not when the content remains valuable and possibly useful to newly qualified leads that may find it! Better yet: update good content with new & timely information, re- date, post and circulate again!

The Value Of Great Blog Post Content

Content demonstrates knowledge and authority for subjects. Its’ creation is a lot of research, copy writing, formatting and then optimizing so, within reason, use it again … and again! Even if the necessary research to know when and where an audience is likely looking for these sorts of answers & information, there is never a guarantee they’ll show up the very day it’s released. And so, rather than worry about re-circulating, consider that it will be a waste of time and money = business resources spent on valuable marketing assets when it’s NOT used repeatedly!

Blog Posts Are Marketing Assets

See ANYTHING BUT the use of good blog posts, repeatedly, as depriving a NEWLY qualified audience the valuable answers and information that may convert them to leads. If not, assume this valuable set of answers and information will be limited to a small number viewers. If not, assume the opportunity to gauge valuable data from how an audience reacts to these subjects …. as lost.

Maybe mix in new and/ or revitalized information (search algorithms like to see that content is timely), but use those posts again! Folks, don’t let good content die when its’ repeated use can be high impact, less- costly strategy for growth in both traffic and new leads.

Within reason, use those blog posts repeatedly! And if a need for blogging or other types of content strategy support is needed, please do not hesitate to ask about blog | copy write services