Kinetic Knowledge Pay Per Click Advertising ProgramsPPC-spending

At Kinetic Knowledge we do the most with your Pay Per Click budget to drive qualified leads and traffic to your site! We bring a proactive management style to your pay-per-click program. And while PPC should not replace an organic SEO strategy, we fully understand a need for broad brand exposure without waiting for longer-term SEO results. We take control by setting up, managing and continuing to optimize paid search programs that get you immediate results. And see our Facebook Advertising Services.

Key Benefits

  • Reach people at the precise moment they’re searching for what you offer
  • You can choose where your ad appears — from a choice of websites and not only Google, but a list of partner sites
  • Reach people strictly in geographical areas (states, towns, or even neighborhoods)
  • AdWords reaches 80% of Internet users in the US!

Our Pay Per Click Search Campaign Management Includes

  • Keyword and ‘key phrase’ targeted pay-per-click text ads
  • Local and broader regional targeting
  • Content match, contextual search and image-based ads
  • Mobile and video campaign design and execution

PPC Strategy and Setup

We work with you to align a strategy with your business objectives. We conduct research and analysis to select both relevant and cost-effective keywords. Once your Google account is set up, we begin tracking in order to effectively manage ongoing PPC efforts.

  • Creative Ad Development & Management: We work to setup ads by keyword, including organizing them into ad groups. We upload and manage all ads. We also conduct (broad, exact, negative, etc.) keyword matching optimization
  • Traffic Analytics: A critical area of PPC campaign management, analytics data supports ongoing optimization as well as measurement against program goals
  • Landing Page Optimization: We develop compelling landing pages tied into your analytics that capture leads

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