What Are Landing Pages?Kinetic Knowledge Landing Page Design

  • A landing page can be any page on a website.
  • It’s a page visitors arrive at when they get to a website OR maybe a page they arrive at after clicking a link.

Why Create Landing Pages?

  • In certain cases, specific product campaign advertising might link to a particular landing page.
  • In these cases it might be meant to entice the visitor to sign up for a sale, a particular offer or to download a white paper.
  • The idea is to eliminate any distraction and strictly convert product-based leads and sales.
    • And in these instances, when a company is promoting a specific product or service, a custom landing page can serve as the tool that gets it done!
  • Landing pages can also offer focused reporting information, including where visitors come from; what brought them, how much time they spent and whether or not they were converted by completing a contact form.
    • Gong even further, it might be armed with a very specific and track-able phone number too!

What Can Kinetic Knowledge Do With Your Custom Landing Page?

  • We will consult on goals for the landing page first.
  • Then design and implement custom landing pages via a website page or a stand-alone page, maybe for a special promotion.
  • Search marketing or Pay Per Click Advertising campaigns (which we will also develop), maybe to promote a seasonal sale, are great scenarios for custom landing pages.
  • With search marketing it should be all about conversion. So, rather than direct people to a potentially distracting home page, Kinetic Knowledge will develop the most specific page highlighting that special promotion and/or the key deliverables.
  • The page might be linked to from a banner ad, a sponsored link or a pay-per-click campaign.

Landing Pages for Start-Ups

  • And then there are those start-up companies, that maybe aren’t ready for a full website.
  • The custom landing page can be a great way to develop a simple affordable online presence that announces availability.
  • It can be the foundation for a fully developed website, sometime down the road.

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