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Facebook Advertising Services | Kinetic Knowledge Local NJ SEO

Creating a successful Facebook Ad Campaign isn’t as easy as you may think. If unfamiliar, you can waste lots of time, effort & money trying to navigate the murky landscape of online advertising. There are targets, reach, relevance scores, click-through rates and so many other potentially unfamiliar terms.

Facebook offers some support, but given the fact they are a for profit business (above all else!), do NOT expect them to be unbiased. And that’s where we can help. The beauty of Facebook is that it allows a business to target an audience precisely. Traditional solutions, like print or billboard, offer an exposure approach: get the ads in front of as many eyeballs as possible and hope to reach the right crowd. However with Facebook, there are literally billions of bits of data on virtually everyone … and it’s all available for targeting

Facebook Advertising Key Benefits 

  • Incredible audience targeting capabilities including for age, location, gender, relationship status, interests and more
  • Approximately 1% of the cost of Television advertising, with a potential to reach MORE people
  • Ads can target users that have visited your website, possibly even those on your email marketing list
  • Less an interruption, often people don’t differentiate between a regular post and a Facebook ad
  • Word-of-mouth reinforcement: Users actually see when friends “Like” an ad, making them more likely to do same
  • Can grow the number of direct business page “Likes” beyond friends and contacts to people that meet a target demographic
  • Exposure for Facebook page posts believed to be lower than 10%, UNLESS there’s advertising!

Facebook Advertising Services

  • Campaign Set Up
  • Ad Design 
  • Demographic Target Development
  • Refresh Ad Creative On T.B.D. Basis
  • Landing Pages
  • Manage Budgets, Day To Day

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