WordPress Webmaster Services: coordinating WordPress website host configurations, domain name server, content database, content management system, theme, numerous plugin applications, SEO and Social tools, CONSTANT WordPress core / theme / plugin updates and a choice for levels of security is a technical time consuming challenge. At minimum, a serious marketer should have all of the webmaster support mentioned above! We offer well thought-through monthly plans that cater to a client’s need. See our Monthly Plans here:


It’s about highly specialized WordPress hosting and updates mgmt., plus some of the most responsive customer service you’ll ever see anywhere. Have a look here!


This is heavy duty pre-emptive security PLUS we include ‘manual malware removal’ and ‘Google re- submission’ at no added cost!

The 60+ top map, search & listing directory sites synced, including review alerts, accurate contact information and broadly enhanced content INCLUDING back-links!


This is for the business owner who understands the value of content (i.e. new & old pages, posts, images, video embeds), but has no time to manage its setup & execution month over month.



An ‘E-Commerce Management Plan’ fit for E-commerce business needs, includes Standard Monthly WordPress Host, Management & Client Support Services !




Daily social media network strategic content management plans, 1 or 5 social network accounts and blogging too!





Strategic daily Search Engine Optimization management plans, search indexes are in constant movement requiring an ongoing plan!