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Mobile Use Statistics: Understanding Mobile Search


Mobile Search moments Study By Google & Nielsen  Accessing the web via a mobile device has become standard for consumers! Here are 4 important takeaways from a recent study, all of which can be accessed by clicking the image above or the credit below:

        • 77 % of mobile searches are in a location where people likely have a PC available to them, such as home or work
        • 3 of 4 mobile searches trigger follow- up actions and, on average, trigger 2 follow- up actions
        • 81% of mobile searches are driven by speed & convenience
        • 45% of mobile searches are goal oriented, to help make a relatively immediate decision
        • Source: Mobile Search Moments Study, 2013


Where there’s useful information for the small to medium sized marketer (= you), we’re going to be highlighting data from leading sources on the subject.

  This is an important study done March 2013 by Google & Nielsen who teamed up to analyze 6,000 mobile searches. The goal was to identify what resulted from these mobile searches in order to draw connections to what typically follows with consumers, both online and offline.

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