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Finding The Right SEO Mix 

Not all search engine optimization (SEO) is the same! What’s necessary for success depends on a presentation of value, visibility (i.e. it can be found) and the level of competition! Rank in search results, can require a large number of content- driven signals or, in some cases, just enough.

So why run a giant expensive SEO campaign if it’s not all necessary? A target, for instance, ‘Mechanical Contractor Bergen County NJ’ can be had with a smaller less costly effort than what’s required to compete for ‘Mechanical Contractor USA’ .

And while the competition is never ever static, meaning positions in search indexes for target keywords are forever changing, it is only measurement and analysis that will determine whether or not the effort is working. Only measurement will also show what is necessary, for going forward. If you are not analyzing, you are not doing SEO!

What Should SEO Cost?

There’s also a lot of confusion surrounding the cost of SEO; what’s necessary for a particular brand with specific targets and how much it should cost can be all over the map. If a firm is going through the painstaking and costly process of recruiting inbound links from (safe) websites, for instance, it can help a campaign, but is it necessary?” For instance with a locally targeted business where the active competition (for target keywords) is minimal, maybe back-links and the cost involved is not necessary to succeed? 

It’s why we recommend a fundamental set of SEO signals to start. To start, set realistic goals and then measure the resulting data! Build fundamental on and off website signals in order to establish a well rounded visible presence and then begin to measure what stems from it. It takes time, sometimes a few months, but sometimes costly link- building and/or social media campaigns are not necessary. The fundamental signals may be all that is needed. It’s also possible analysis will determine that more signals are indeed necessary and for that there is going to be more cost.

Either way, it’s better to build up then pile on and waste money in an environment where things that work are changing all the time. 

What Does A Fundamental SEO Program Include?

  1. Keyword Research For Target Subjects
  2. Search Optimized Website Pages, optimized for those target keywords
  3. Google My Business Tools Setup, Verification and Optimization
  4. Claimed And Optimized Search & Directory Listings
  5. Standard Operating Procedures For Maximizing Positive Client Reviews 
  6. Reviewed Website For Broken Links and Proper 404
  7. Keyword Search Rank Tracking Software 
  8. Traffic Analytics Setup
  9. Track, Measure and Analyze Traffic Data
  10. Allow Analysis To Determine Whether Or Not Existing Efforts Are Succeeding And/ Or Other Signals Must Be Built
    1. Blogging
    2. Geographic targeting
    3. Social Media Campaigns
    4. Inbound Links Build Campaign
    5. Alternative Content
    6. And more

With SEO or, for that matter, any form of marketing & advertising – there is risk; a business may succeed right out of the gates, but the resulting measurement will always determine what is happening, what’s necessary to reach a desired result… and even how to grow that desired result. The point being, “you cannot grow what you do not measure!”