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What is Managed WordPress Website Hosting?

WordPress Webmaster Managed Host Services For Business NJ Managed WordPress Hosting and Webmaster Service is a host environment specifically designed to support WordPress websites and it’s what we do here at Kinetic Knowledge. Rather than jumping into the random host scenario, consider that we’re solely focused on management, support for and hosting of WordPress websites.

Our Managed WordPress Webmaster Hosting Offers Many Advantages:

  • We’re set up for fast page loads, often dropping a second or more off the average load of common host plans.
  • Clients aren’t on overcrowded servers; in some cases they share resources with a conservative number of WordPress (only) websites and, in some cases, there are no other websites.
  • We offer increased security with individualized website support; there are also affordable advanced options and a great deal of experience with WordPress-specific attacks and hacks.
  • We keep websites up to date, managing all core WordPress, WordPress theme and WordPress application updates.
  • We get familiar with our clients business; we know what they are trying to accomplish and responsive personal support reflects this fact! 

Are There Drawbacks With Our Managed WordPress Webmaster Host Plans?

Because our plans are managed for WordPress there is a great deal more customization with a lot less sharing of resources and we come with personalized service. For this the cost may be a little higher than some, but in most cases we are more than competitive. And who out there brings personalized attention, including a team that gets familiar with a clients’ business?

In many host scenarios there are limitations on the amount of website customization. Some managed WordPress hosts don’t allow certain plugins or themes. Not here; here there are no such traps or tricks! There are no multisite setups or the limiting of options to support our own efficiencies; here each WordPress website host installation is standalone, setup in a way that prioritizes a clients’ interests!

Why Kinetic Knowledge for WordPress Hosting?

If you’re serious about your business, and you want an ability to scale, to advance and to redesign THEN you need something more personal and more reliable. That’s Kinetic Knowledge Managed WordPress Webmaster Hosting!