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In today’s world convenience is everything. Most people prefer easy, reliable access to goods and services. Everybody wants everything simple, and yesterday! It is in a marketer’s best interest to appeal to consumers in a local vicinity. These are the consumers who seek out a business time and again due to its close proximity.

The local consumer needs professional medical & legal assistance, home inspections, new pools and driveways. The marketer visible to them online, as a convenient local solution, will reap the benefits! A healthy local word-of-mouth reputation certainly helps, but there’s a BIG local market of consumers that can’t solely rely on friends or family. They search and they network online, and local internet marketing is the means to capture a share of that GIANT local market! The question is how?


Local Marketing Solutions


There are lots of different online marketing solutions, some based upon goals and others on budget. Local marketing tools might include:

1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization is vague because there are no rules, it changes and what it entails is rarely apples to apples. There are fundamentals that must be in place and then competition will determine what, if anything else, is necessary. Done correctly, SEO can be the most cost-effective solution.  Visibility from SEO is more organic than advertising, which means it is not only what a discerning consumer trusts but never an interruption. The traffic it brings is qualified! Qualified meaning, that they are already looking for the product or service, whereas advertising is mostly interrupting some other pursuit. Locally targeted SEO must be attuned to towns, counties and the modern ways people search (i.e. physical therapy ‘near me’).

2. Mobile Friendly Website Content: According to Google, “mobile friendly” website content is a local necessity. People want things now, they search on their phones and search engine indexes favor content that sizes to a small screen based upon standards. Again this depends on where the competition is, but sooner or later a marketer will need to accept the fact that these standards matter. And nothing trumps the content itself, it’s either useful to a consumer or it’s not. A marketer must ask herself, is my content worthy of a consumer’s trust?

3. Social Media Network Advertising: Social networks like Facebook and Instagram have reliable targeting, so ads can be laser-targeted to the people getting online within a local radius. What’s more, there’s an ability to reach them writing this radius based upon likes, dislikes and interests. Per the above advertising is an interruption and it leaves no footprint in place, but while it lacks long term value it outperforms when the need is immediate!

4. Local Traditional Media: Local newspapers and directory listing sites can be good promotion tools. Listings can be covered in a Fundamental SEO program, but if broken out they are still potentially useful. And local newspapers have retained their impact, if only because they are focused vetted sources of local information.

5. Reviews: While they are not in the control of the business, reviews and a plan for getting them is important. Consumers appreciate finding reviews, so a business must pursue happy clients & customers for good reviews.

6. Search and Directory Listings:  While reviews stem from listings they can also be discovered for local information about a product or service a consumer wants.  It’s very important that name, address, phone, hours of operation, etc. be completely consistent from listing to listing to website.

While these are basic local marketing options, to be really competitive blogging, video content, links from trusted industry organizations, sponsoring local events can all help increase local visibility.


Local Marketing Firm


Kinetic Knowledge is well aware of these dynamics. We offer a long list of marketing & advertising services for those with a local need. Here’s more on us: