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Low Cost Local SEO That Works!

Low Cost SEO = Low Cost Search Engine OptimizationDo Leads Find You?

If your business is not doing Fundamental Local SEO then you are likely invisible to those leads searching for your product or service. SEO doesn’t have to be expensive and, so long as it’s well organized and executed, lower cost SEO programs can pay for themselves in a short period of time. Visibility starts with the fundamentals!

What Does A Fundamental Low Cost SEO Program Include?

  1. Keyword Research for Target Subjects
    – define the obvious target keywords and geographic radius of operations
    – research those keywords for activity, similar keywords and for how competitive they are
  2. Search Optimized Website Pages
    – apply keywords based upon the above to titles, URLs, headers, Meta tags
    – add alternative content using keywords in filenames and in Meta tags
    – add in page relevant anchor text links to other website pages
    – make google search console page submissions
    – plan on updating pages to maintain performance
    – Review and fix website for broken links, set up proper 404
  3. Google My Business Tools Setup, Verification and Optimization
    – get listings setup, verified, optimized and aligned with website via back- links
    – get Plus setup for posts and social activity back- links
    – set up search console and analytics, connect the two for consolidation of search data
    – if necessary, set up optimized YouTube Channel and embed optimized videos into appropriate website pages
  4. Claim, Verify and Optimize Top Search & Directory Listings
    – identify top listing sites, register listings
    – seek out all relevant national listings
    – seek out all locally relevant listings
    – align them all with website via back- links
  5. Plan in Place to Maximize Positive Client Reviews
    – identify satisfied clients and ask for their reviews
    – plan to help them when necessary, possibly with instructions
    – send follow up requests
    – setup alerts for all reviews in order to be informed
    – get informed on dealing with any negative reviews
  6. Measure!
    – setup reliable keywords ranking software, analyze
    – setup website traffic and search analytics software, analyze
    – setup off- website traffic and search analytics software, analyze
    – report on successes, report on action items where needed for improvement
    – have a plan for updating underperforming keywords and pages


It’s a lot of work, requires some experience and it must carry on month to month, but these items executed will bring greater and greater visibility to those businesses that commit to do it! Get in touch to discuss how a fundamental SEO program might support your business today! 

Measurement Determines What Is and Is Not Working

And once these signals are produced, it’s the analysis that determines whether or not existing efforts are enough to reach targets or goals and/ or if competition is such that other signals must be built into a program, such as: 

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Public Releases
  • Inbound Links Build Campaign
  • And more

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