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Local SEO Items That Deserve Emphasis in 2019

Local SEO Items That Deserve Invested Time This YearLocal SEO Monmouth County

Thinking about Local SEO these days? Here are some local search engine optimization priority add- on items that are helping to improve competitive visibility for serious local marketers. Needless to say, these deserve emphasis in 2019!


  • Reliability of inbound links to the website
    • while the competitive value of links remains true, sheer numbers IS NOT the way to go 
    • locally relevant inbound (from other domain website) links matter
    • in- website subject- specific links still matter
  • Going beyond obvious target keywords in website content
    • the use of similes as a standard practice
    • volume research on near- to target keywords / similes
  • Use of video content 
    • embed into website pages from a carefully optimized YouTube channel
    • useful descriptions, if not full blown recaps 
    • use of video in Google listingsLocal SEO Emphasis Items
  • Google Listing post activity
    • they are pushing listing post capability, logic is that this is an opportunity
    • use of keywords and links to website pages in posts
  • Google Reviews quality
    • a plan for gathering good reviews
    • executing review responses with keyword relevance
  • Target keywords in any Google listings content!