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How To Be Present In Local Search Results | Kinetic KnowledgeThanks to mobile devices, finding nearby products and services at any time in any place is quick, easy and generally painless. We can now just reach into our pockets and, in an instant, search the information we need. Traditional yellow pages, a paper map, or a pay phone are pretty much obsolete and now we all have the ultimate convenience right at our fingertips. For the local marketer, it  has become crucial to be present in local search results.

People, in massive numbers, have turned to mobile devices for their localized information. When they do they use searches with modifiers like “near me” “closest” and “near by” to the tune of billions of Google queries each month. In fact, people’s Google search interest in “near me” queries has seen an increase of 34X since 2011! It nearly doubled since just last year! Hopefully your content is mobile responsive because 80% of this increase is due to searches coming from mobile devices and Google is not only looking to rank for the local signals your web presence puts off, but for the content that simply gives the consumer the most locally relevant answer.

Suddenly we find ourselves in a world where consumers are not just gathering information on the internet, they are making instant decisions. Consumers are researching products & services, reading reviews, price comparing, making a purchase decision on their mobile device AND before they even step into an office or a store. They may be at home, in their car, or maybe even in a competitor’s office or store … are you ready?!

How People Use Mobile Devices For Local Search Results

  • Google Data tells us that 50% of local searches on a smartphone result in a visit within 24 hours, and 18% of those result in a purchase within a day.
  • Nearly half of people, when unsure where to eat, won’t search until an hour before going. The numbers jump to 60% when measuring millennials.
  • Even after they have chosen a product or service destination, consumers continue to use mobile devices to help them make choices. For instance surveys have shown that 40% of millennials look up food information while in the actual restaurant. For example, while “coffee near me” is a popular search, so is “macchiato calories.”

How To Begin To Be Locally Relevant AND Ready For Local Searches

Local Search Marketing | Kinetic KnowledgeThis information can tell us a lot about how to be present for this modern challenge. It tells us that our websites MUST be mobile friendly, geographically present via the use of keywords and up to date with the most useful timely information on services. Think of all the questions a customer might ask, and answer them in well – written geographically specific pages & posts. With endless information at the click of a button, consumers definitely have elevated their expectations for immediate and relevant results. They want it, they want it now and they want it local! So it is a necessity to be prepared for these moments.

To marketers the message should be loud and clear: to compete locally is to have the most valuable locally relevant content ready for these ‘near me’ moments.