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Local Business SEO Generates Leads

Local SEO Paths To Business LeadsWhat Is Local SEO, Why Does It Generate Leads?

Local business owners wish to be visible when prospective new clients search for help. A person with a foot injury might search “Seagirt NJ Foot Doctor”, “Podiatrist Monmouth County NJ” or “Top Foot Doc near me” and any Seagirt NJ area Podiatrist would want to be visible. Heck, so would surrounding area podiatrists in Manasquan, Spring Lake, Belmar, Wall and Avon NJ.

This podiatrist should think about having the best website content PLUS as many trusted off website signals set so that a search engine can identify then recommend them as paths between the injured party and this good doctor. And while our doctor must have analysis to gauge where she sits month over month, these paths are how ‘prospect conversion into a lead’ happens.

Local SEO done right presents our ‘Foot Doctor’ as the visible local subject authority. And geography matters, so please read on!

Local SEO Presents The Local Business As The Solution

Paths to a business that generate a lead include search engines, but also prominent citations (i.e. search & directory listings), reviews, images, video, social network accounts and GREAT websites! Regardless, an effort to use keywords including geography (i.e. keyword plus town or county) should be a priority. The business that invests in this tedious ongoing effort to build a better overall web presence of trusted paths wins more leads!

Different business types do better with different types of content. For instance an interior designer, with its’ inviting images, is going to connect more easily than a mold remediator; however, a mold company should never rule image use out! Not so long as it presents relevant solutions with its’ images, like maybe what the ‘bad mold’ actually looks like. In either case, images must be set up properly for target keywords, so that paths to prospective leads are opened. And it’s time to look at video options, tactics and strategies as well because both people and Google like video!

Contact information must also always be prominent on headers, footers and ‘contact us’ pages; so must layperson- proof navigation to all the subject- specific answers a website content offers.

Good trustworthy reviews are going to help any business appeal to its prospective leads. While most people trust ‘live reviews’ on Google local listings and sites like Yelp, it’s never wrong to present a sampling on a website. A business should just be sure to link to the live reviews in order to demonstrate they are real and not made up. Obviously a business owner has to deliver a quality product or service to get good reviews, but pursuing those reviews must be a proactive effort based upon a standard operating process!

And regardless, there had better be a website full of content that both opens paths as well as satisfies what a discerning lead or prospect might want. Sure a business needs to serve a) those in a rush who will likely just call, but it had better also prioritize b) serving those who do their research. It’s not only the place to answer lots of questions in the most transparent manner, but a means to index tons of target keywords with search engines. An important note here is that a business will NOT see any search engine love unless that website content is determined to be “useful”. Let it be known, crummy content gets a business nowhere!

Geography and Local SEO

Unless be default (i.e. no one else better), assume the reason a business gets ZERO interest from a near bye town full of prospects is because the town itself is never mentioned in content. Sure it’s tedious, but a local plumbing company based in Bergen County NJ wanting to serve the entire area had better start building locally relevant content = per town. Want more business from Ridgewood NJ than a business had better have a competitive stake in why it offers great Ridgewood support.

When Local SEO Works

Local SEO success requires the pursuit of a seemingly endless no. of paths needed to connect a prospective lead and the appealing local answer to a search. A local business that commits its time and/ or money into those paths will win more and more leads! We