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Troubleshooting Lead Capture Forms


Have You Checked Your Lead Capture Forms Lately?!

website management | lead capture forms | kinetic knowledge  Your website should do many things for you, no  one more important than to drive new business leads! And while this post may be routine for some, the variables are such that hopefully it’s a reminder to check your lead capture forms!

  A client recently changed their email address, but failed to update the change in their ‘form notifications’. In doing so they innocently
negated any email notification normally generated when a site visitor fills out a contact form. While these contacts are stored in a ‘form entries’ file, this client was not in the habit of logging into the dashboard to check for new entries. And, having automated email expectations, why would they check? Don’t let this happen to you! 

Here’s How To Troubleshoot Lead Capture Forms

  Receiving inquiries and getting back to them quick is an obvious priority. This video walks one through the steps required in order to both 1) edit a forms’ email address for notifications and also 2) troubleshoot any possibility email notifications are out of sync with ‘spam containment.’



  In WordPress you want to:

> Login To Your Dashboard
> Locate Forms On The Dashboard’s Left Sidebar
> Click Forms
> Choose The Form You’re Troubleshooting
> Click Notifications
> Update email address in ‘Send To:’
> Save
> Go back to your live site
> Refresh your browser to be thorough
> Enter a test submission into your form and send
> Check your email inbox


  Regardless of whether it is an on site- based form or those possibly embedded via a 3rd party application, for instance Real Estate IDX applications, it’s always best to get in the habit of double checking your site’s forms! 


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