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Why Responding To Reviews Is Good For Business

We've written about the importance of a) getting reviews , b) how the law sees a business that fakes reviews, not to mention c) management of negative reviews, but what is rarely discussed is an OPPORTUNITY that lies in the d) response to…
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How Can A Business Deal With A Negative Review?

Reviews Are Not In A Business Owners' Control   Good Reviews are some of the best advertising; however, web- based reviews and even a negative review are NOT IN a business owner's control! Reviews posted to random search or directory…
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Why A Website Remains Marketing Priority No. 1!

  Website Is Marketing Ground Zero! Granted there are several powerful advertising channels (i.e. search engines, social networks, directories, email marketing platforms, etc.) online, but those should be seen as opportunities to drive…
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5 Reasons A Business May NOT Need WordPress?

Wordpress place content as it's priority. Consumers have the luxury of being able to research virtually anything at anytime: if you intend to be relevant online to consumers, you simply must become a visible content marketer.
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WordPress Supports SEO Mechanics!

WordPress takes care of 80-90% of the SEO mechanics needed
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What Are The Best Practices For Business Blogging?

In order to maximize return, let's review the very best practices for your business blog posts.
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Where Does Facebook Stand For Marketers?

So, Where Does Facebook Stand For Local Business Marketers? How much does it matter to be a Facebook marketer/ advertiser? A website remains the place where business owners can CONTROL their brand message online, including the depth of information…
Google My Business or - What Is The Difference?

Let's differentiate, and discuss FREE wordpress some so you can feel versed on the subject.
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SEO: You Cannot Grow What You Do Not Measure!

Finding The Right SEO Mix  Not all search engine optimization (SEO) is the same! What's necessary for success depends on a presentation of value, visibility (i.e. it can be found) and the level of competition! Rank in search results, can require…
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The Value Of Content And Ideas For A Business Marketer

Malcolm Gladwell questions the value of content & ideas
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The Top 8 Reasons Why You Must Be Mobile Responsive!

Mobile Responsive NOW Required For Marketers! Hopefully anyone reading Kinetic Knowledge is familiar with mobile responsive website design, including what it actually looks like on a phone. Not so long ago it was only recommended; today it’s…
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Google Does Not Cold Call!

How many times has “Google" cold- called YOU about your business failing in their index? If so, we are 99.99% sure that you were NOT talking to a Google representative. Think about that: Google creates a fair / honest World Wide Web index…