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Top Keyword Tactics For Better Ranking Website Pages

Post looks at the 8 most positive keyword use factors for determining Search Engine Rank in blog posts, based upon's recent study
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Are There Consequences For Duplicate Content?

Duplicating someones content is never a good practice. Plagiarism can, in some cases, involve liability for copyright infringement. While Google isn't interested in policing it, in certain circumstances Plagiarism will get you tossed from search engine indexes.
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Website Priorities For The Serious Marketer

Consumer Priority: Detailed Website Content While there are several powerful marketing & advertising channels online (i.e. search engines via optimization or advertising, social networks, search & listing directories, email marketing…
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Why Responding To Reviews Is Good For Business

We've written about the importance of a) getting reviews , b) how the law sees a business that fakes reviews, not to mention c) management of negative reviews, but what is rarely discussed is an OPPORTUNITY that lies in the d) response to…
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Is a FREE or a DIY Website Solution Enough?

Is a FREE or a DIY Website Enough For The Serious Business? FREE and DIY Website solutions are advertised as the answer to small business owners' prayers. Their argument is a top solution for little to no cost. From the 'just getting started…
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Why A Website Remains Marketing Priority No. 1!

  Website Is Marketing Ground Zero! Granted there are several powerful advertising channels (i.e. search engines, social networks, directories, email marketing platforms, etc.) online, but those should be seen as opportunities to drive…
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5 Reasons A Business May NOT Need WordPress?

Wordpress place content as it's priority. Consumers have the luxury of being able to research virtually anything at anytime: if you intend to be relevant online to consumers, you simply must become a visible content marketer.
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WordPress Supports SEO Mechanics!

WordPress takes care of 80-90% of the SEO mechanics needed
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What Are The Best Practices For Business Blogging?

In order to maximize return, let's review the very best practices for your business blog posts.
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Where Does Facebook Stand For Marketers?

So, Where Does Facebook Stand For Local Business Marketers? How much does it matter to be a Facebook marketer/ advertiser? A website remains the place where business owners can CONTROL their brand message online, including the depth of information…
Google My Business or - What Is The Difference?

Let's differentiate, and discuss FREE wordpress some so you can feel versed on the subject.
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The Value Of Content And Ideas For A Business Marketer

Malcolm Gladwell questions the value of content & ideas