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How To Blog For Business

Blogging For Business, Summarized So you are thinking about 'how to blog' to support your web presence. Maybe it is competitive SEO, visibility for the services you offer, and how to use a blog to improve them? A blog can certainly help…
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WordPress And PHP

What is PHP | How Does PHP Relate To WordPress PHP is the coding language WordPress is built on. It has a history of updates (Oct' 2020 #7.4), each released as is necessary. What version of PHP used is typically set up server-level by the host…
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How Do Websites Get Hacked?

Google And Hacked Websites Google blacklists around 10,000 websites every day for being hacked, removing these sites from their search results. But WHY? Because these websites have been invaded by nefarious software, possibly aiming to download…
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Should A Business Bother With Business Listings?

The list of top local business directories, including observations on their value proposition.
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How Citations And Directory Listings Support SEO

Business Citations And Directory Listings For your business information, citations and directory listings are off-website references that typically include name, address, phone number (e.g. NAP), hours of operation, website URL, and more.…
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Voice & Near Me Search: Is Your Business Prepared For Google, Siri & Alexa?

Voice & "Near Me" Searches: Are You Prepared? Nowadays, voice search is commonplace. People are using home-based devices like Amazon Alexa & Google Home, and they're using iPhones & cell phones too. That's right, our phones can…
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Does Your Content Meet Target Consumer Intent Online?

What Is Your Target Consumer Intent!?   Simply put, building content that targets consumer intent with ANSWERS produces MUCH BETTER business results! But what is the target consumer intent? How can we anticipate what that intent will…
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What Is The The Top Website Solution?

What Website Solution Is Best For Business Owners?   For those marketers considering a new website, the first question becomes "what solution should we use for our business website?" According to W3Techs Web Technology survey, WordPress…
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Is WordPress Free?

Post talks about the common misunderstanding with free WordPress Blogs, which are actually financed with advertising. Potentially, highly competitive advertising.
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How to Add Alt Text to Website Images

Alt Text: How to Easily Add Alternative Text to Website Images WordPress offers a simple way to add alt text (alternative text) to any image on your website. This is a simple and beneficial practice that you should take the time to implement…
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How to Transcribe Videos on YouTube

YouTube Videos: How to Quickly & Easily Add Subtitles Did you know YouTube offers an easy solution for adding closed captioning to your video content? You can upgrade the accessibility of your videos without leaving the YouTube platform!…
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LOCAL SEO, LEADS AND YOUR BUSINESS Is a reliable local SEO (search engine optimization) strategy what is missing when it comes to driving more leads for your business? By optimizing a website, its pages, and various off-website citations…