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How Do We Add Impact With Our Blog?  


  The goal should always be to create compelling posts that address a need. For us marketers, that ‘need’ is very simply what we sell. After all, traffic, leads and new business is the point… isn’t it?

  ‘Advertising Copywriters’ use a method that, when followed with discipline, is not only easy to apply to advertorial blogging but adds a ton of impact! This method of writing first 1) attempts to command the attention of many readers, 2) next to peak their interest, 3) then to lead to a desire for the solution and 4) finally lands with an offer … a call to action. Simple!

How Do We Get A Reaction With Our Blog? 


  Let’s break down this blogs’ last post in order to demonstrate the actual use of this age old ‘advertising copy method’.


    1. Attention: ‘Your Content Stinks!’ is certainly not the most pleasant post title, but it wasn’t meant to be nice. It was meant to challenge you to consider that possibility. Does my content stink? Why does my content stink? The title was meant to get your ATTENTION
    2. Interest: And why does it matter if your content stinks? Whether we’re writing for the benefit of our visitors, for search engine visibility, social network visibility, more back links, bookmarks, for our email list or all of the above, the content is all about advertising. The problem we’re addressing is ‘cost effective advertising that works’, a universal concern among business people. And this isn’t just any advertising, but the most cost effective potentially viral advertising we could ever do. So if the content stinks it’s not going to support sales AND that is going to be of INTEREST.
    3. Desire: Sure, if your content is great, no harm done and off you go. If not, naturally you’re going to think about a solution. There’s the discipline to write better yourself or, if there’s no time to write, the desire to get help. It’s here where we build our case. Even if you seek help, the potential benefits of copy writing are so obvious and cost effective (comparably to other forms of advertising) that the DESIRE to begin producing great content is real… and that’s where we mention we’ve got some solutions.
    4. Action: And finally desire sets action in motion. The offer, a call to ACTION to either get disciplined with some education and new content or to hire help. It just so happens we have a blogging service and a special offer to write the 1st post FREE, so that the style and discipline is ‘crystal clear’ going forward. 


With our next post we’ll go past reader impact and look at the things you can do *simultaneously* to better support competitive search engine indexing.