Data Showing Why Business Must Use SEO


We’ve all searched for a product or a service and hoped for good pictures that illustrate that product or service. As the old adage goes: a picture is worth a thousand words. How true it is in advertising and marketing!

Images and SEO can be aligned! Illustrative images draw people to whatever you may be selling. Be it real estate or window blinds, home inspection or paving and road construction services, decorative ironwork, antique furniture and or dog walkers – images appeal to a customer’s emotional attraction.

And so when mages attract attention, it is likely they increase the kinds of activity search engines count as competitive signals. Things like engagement, time spent on pages, visiting other or more pages and being the choice in search results all matter.

Like our furry friend and his selfie here – an emotional attraction to many for sure!


Wordy marketing and advertising can be instructional but is not appealing to the average consumer. Catchy imagery will go a long way toward making the words come alive. Of course, pictures should be well chosen and readily apply to the very words on a page.

Naturally, useful content leveraging targeted keywords needs to be present along with these visuals. Keywords are what drives search visibility and thereby helps to bring prospective consumers to a website and a product or service page. Pictures can attract visitors, for instance when they are indexed, and then hold interest and even prompt folks to get in touch!

Informative content, with carefully placed keywords, and impacting PICTURES, named for those same keywords, is of optimum value to marketers. Google – everyone’s favorite search engine – puts a lot of stock in content and it indexes the images when able.  As do other search engines, as well as social media sites. When possible, video imagery is a step up in this regard. They all love imagery, if not video, obviously because it is so favored by their users = the consumer.


  1. Images are simply appealing
  2. Images support structure for different subject-parts of a page
  3. Images improve SEO when the file is named and descriptive alt-tags are used
  4. Images support visual understanding
  5. Images lead for impact in social media
  6. Images make subjects you promote more memorable



Kinetic Knowledge offers experience in copywriting as well as for carefully choosing and optimizing the images that support it. We also offer on-location photography. We welcome a conversation about a program that will lead prospective clients to you.