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You are thinking about blogging or maybe ‘how to blog’ for business to support a better web presence? Maybe you want to support competitive SEO and visibility with ‘qualified searchers’ looking for the services you offer. So how can blogging support this?

A blog can certainly help with search engine optimization (SEO), active & current content is a signal that search engines will use when comparing one business to another. It is content that can reinforce existing target keywords, internal link structure and it will also broaden the number of subjects & keywords a website covers.  A business can summarize its’ blog posts as a source of new subjects for social media posts, just be sure to link those back to the posts.

Specific blog posts may be found by the most qualified searching leads out there; those people already researching the subjects you happen to be writing up. In a time where our prospective leads believe they can (re)search anything they ever want or need when they want it, we need to meet that intent and earn their trust with good content! We can do it by volunteering all the answers they are searching for … using a blog!

Bog Post Defined

A blog post should offer insight or maybe a story about a particular topic you happen to be familiar with. For a business, there are so many potential lead-driving subjects to blog about. Take a home inspection company that sees so many “what-is-this”, “why-is-this?” or “what-not-to-do” post opportunities in the course of their daily work.

A blog post can offer criticism, praise, analyses, instruction, new findings and so many more subjects that are inevitably being searched by the qualified prospective leads that are your target audience.

Writing Better Blog Posts 

To start, a business blogger should always ask, “is this blog and the subjects we’ll cover something my target audience will want to read?” Can I make the information in each blog post useful to those who may want to hire or refer us? Better yet, will it help prospective leads answer the questions they are (re)searching. And always think, what keywords would they most likely enter into that search bar. 

Begin your posts with something to capture their attention, a call-to-action, because it’s not good enough to simply answer a question. Then provide good context or depth for the issue or subject. From there include the steps for identifying then dealing with the matter. Visual examples like images or videos can only support this effort! And last, it never hurts to remind folks how your business can help.

Local Business Blog Post Examples

Does Your Business Need A Blog?

Blogging is a cost-effective way to improve your web presence, your SEO, and your overall marketing to prospective leads. Whether you need to set up a blog site, to add a blog to an existing website, assistance with blogging that supports a local SEO goal, or someone to simply write & publish the blog posts for you – Kinetic Knowledge offers website development, copywriting, and blogging services.