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It Has Become An ‘SSL World Wide Web’!

So, how important is SSL (SSL/ HTTPS defined) to your business? Back in 2014 Google announced that SSL, or HTTPS rather than HTTP in your page URLs, would be used as a ranking signal. And the truth is it likely represents one lower weighted signal (Google uses up to 200 depending on how competitive a subject is) that has just a little effect on SEO. For those of us ‘splitting SEO hairs’ every single signal matters, but in fact activating HTTPS will hardly change keyword rankings.

HOWEVER BE TOLD, SSL matters a great deal to business!

secured by SSL = HTTPS


Protects People When Browsing Websites Online

Rankings explained, a business owner must be concerned with online user experience. Prospective buyers must not only feel safe when visiting a website and exchanging information, but when they are buying products or services. Several browsers NOW show visitors an ‘ i ‘ or a ‘not secure’ message when your website does NOT have an SSL certificate and/or an HTTPS connection. It’s very discouraging to an innocent visitor to see a warning in their browser, at best.

After all, gaining the trust of visitors who may become future customers is everything. If they do not become immediate buyers just their visit time, their sharing to social networks and/or even their linking to pages from their own websites are all important SEO signals!

Google Has Become Adamant About Being SSL!

Come July 2018, Google Chrome, which is the world’s most popular web browser, will start marking ALL websites as ‘ i ‘ insecure if they are not HTTPS. So it’s inevitable that we are going to be in an all SSL = HTTPS world wide web soon.

And so, it is incredibly important websites make the switch to HTTPS. The process of setting up an SSL can be confusing and even frustrating- so let us know if you have any questions and/ or need assistance.